The 10 Most 'Nicolas Cage' Performances

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Published on 21 Apr 2022, 13:00
Throughout his 40-year career, a version of Nicolas Cage has emerged that has become the de facto shorthand for what a Nicolas Cage performance is supposed to be. You’ve seen it in clips, in stills, in memes. It’s the bug-eyed Cage, face contorted into an uncanny position. It is far from the only version of himself Cage has presented over his 100-plus films, but it’s the one that’s stood out.

But he’s also given many soulful performances that required none of that expressionistic mugging, performances that are as grounded and mesmerizing as any other great actor’s. Nic Cage’s range is something that never quite gets the credit it deserves, either because of the way we tend to reduce him to his most meme-y traits, or because of his long stretch in the VOD desert. And even through his darkest straight-to-video periods, the number of movies where Cage feels like he’s truly phoning it in are few and far between.

But going through the entirety of his catalog is a truly daunting task. And so with Nicolas Cage’s latest film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, now here, where he plays Nick Cage, let’s look at his 40 most memorable performances that any Cage-curious person should experience. Let us enter the Cage!

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