Games Like Terraria: The Best Pixel Worlds - part 1 of 2

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Published on 26 Apr 2022, 13:00
Especially for fans of "build and dig, collect and craft", who prefer unusual 2D worlds instead of traditional 3D, we have selected the top games similar to Terraria - a cult sandbox with pixel graphics, procedural generation, an extensive crafting system and many other delights.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Starbound
0:53 Craft The World
1:32 Junk Jack
2:17 Realms of Magic
2:55 Dig or Die
3:49 Planet Centauri
4:42 Crea
5:27 Kingdom: New Lands
6:14 Nom Nom Galaxy
7:07 Aground
7:38 Signs of Life
8:15 Windforge
9:02 It Lurks Below
9:43 The Sandbox Evolution
10:17 Stardew Valley

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Games in this video: Starbound, Craft The World, Junk Jack, Realms of Magic, Dig or Die, Planet Centauri, Crea, Kingdom: New Lands, Nom Nom Galaxy, Aground, Signs of Life, Windforge, It Lurks Below, The Sandbox Evolution, Stardew Valley

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