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Published on 12 May 2022, 0:04
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The first trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is getting a lot of views, and seemingly outpacing trailers for the recent Star Wars movies. The Avatar 2 teaser racked up 148.6 million online views within its first 24 hours - which Disney points out (via THR) is more than the trailers for recent Star Wars movies. The trailer was viewed over 23 million times in China alone.

LEGO has teased a long-awaited Transformers set, possibly featuring an original-style Optimus Prime. Very little was said about the new set in its reveal tweet (below) but LEGO did promise that the "epic build" was arriving in June. While this is the first official word of a Transformers set, LEGO news website The Brick Fan (which has reported accurately on rumors in the past) released some potential details earlier this week.

Crimes of the Future director David Cronenberg is expecting a major response to his graphic new body horror film. During an interview with Deadline, the 79-year-old filmmaker said he's expecting a lot of people to be 'revulsed' by the movie - and anticipates walkouts.

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