Joker 2: What The Title Reveals About The Film's Plot - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

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Published on 8 Jun 2022, 22:53
The Joker 2 is happening, and the name of the upcoming film is Joker: Folie à Deux. We break down what this name means to the plot of the Joker movie and who might be attached to the Todd Phillips and Scott Silver Joker film. Could Willem Dafoe show up as The Joker to play against Joaquin Phoenix? We ask the question if fans are excited for a #Joker sequel and if there should be a #JokerMovie. We break down the likelihood for that to happen. In other news, The Rock hit us with the new and first trailer for Black Adam. And finally, despite the fact that they've been on a canceling spree regarding its animation wing, Netflix is getting spirited away with a new Ghostbusters cartoon series.

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