Everything New in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

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Published on 22 Jun 2022, 8:00
Elder Scrolls Online is setting sail for High Isle this summer, promising new adventures, card games, companions, features and locations to explore. Here’s a look at everything on the way with this chapter. Sponsored by Bethesda.

High Isle takes players to a new zone of the same name that's never been explored in any Elder Scrolls game. Learn a new card game Tales of Tribute, coached by wood elf Brahgas voiced by Billy Boyd, best known for his role as Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Explore two new areas in the Systres Archipelago, High Isle and its darker twin, Amenos. In the new story, conflict still rages but it seems peace might finally be on the table, with talks about to take place in Gonfalon Bay. Not everyone benefits from an end to the bloodshed and as negotiations begin, a mysterious knightly known as the Ascendent order schemes to put a stop to them. High Isle is part of the year-long ‘Legacy of the Bretons’ adventure, with new DLC updates released quarterly, adding dungeons and new story content. On your travels you’ll meet Isobel Velois, a Breton squire and the games first Khajiit companion Ember. Volcanic Vents are new world events, with magma eruptions spawning enemies you won’t want to face alone. Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle Chapter is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One.

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