Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell 75 - Exclusive Official Trailer (2022)

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Published on 6 Jul 2022, 14:00
What does our government really know about "unidentified aerial phenomena?" On the 75th anniversary of the alleged UFO crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico comes the Tubi two-hour documentary special, Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell 75. We'll explore why Americans first became obsessed with little green men, the truth behind the notoriously secret Area 51, and proof of alien existence, guided by first-person interviews from the eyewitnesses, abductees, and scientific experts leading the exploration today - all to make you believe: we are not alone. From FOX Alternative Entertainment and Streetcar Entertainment the two-hour documentary is executive-produced by Robert Twilley ("Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts," "Snapped") Mike Welsh ("Gone Before Her Time," "Alaska State Troopers"), and Maggie Mock ("Scariest Monsters in America," "Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts"). Aliens, Abductions, and UFOs: Roswell 75 premieres on July 6 on Tubi.