Stray: 10 Totally Normal ‘Cat Things’ You Can Do

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Published on 19 Jul 2022, 13:30
Stray is a game where you travel through a gritty cyber-city world as a completely normal cat. You’re not a super cat. You don’t have powers, you can fly, you’re just a totally normal stray cat. Meaning not only are you trying to make your way through this dangerous world, you’re also prone to scratching up furniture, playing with toys, and even getting bags stuck on your head. So check out the video for 10 ways the developers remind you that even though you pull off some pretty great feats in Stray, you’re still just a cat!Stray will be released on Jul 19, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC. It’s developed by BlueTwelve Studios and published by Annapurna Interactive

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