Prey: Full Breakdown and Ending Explained | Predator Canon Fodder

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Published on 9 Aug 2022, 20:00
If it bleeds, we can kill it. Prey on Hulu takes The Predator franchise back to basics in a period tale pitting a deadly alien predator against Comanche warriors in the Great Plains of North America, 300 years ago. Does The Predator find a worthy hunt in what’s being touted as the species’ first hunt on Earth? Amber Midthunder stars as Naru, a fierce Comanche warrior who intends to force the issue. Join IGN host Clint Cage for Predator Canon Fodder, where he’ll explain that ending and throw in a few key Predator Easter Eggs we noticed.

In Prey, Predator fans will once again watch the predator species take on skilled hunters to find out first hand who the apex predator is. In the Prey final battle, Naru uses The Predator’s own weapons against it just like in The Predator and Predator 2. Join us for Prey movie ending explained, for the full breakdown of the new Predator movie.

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