Saints Row: Pain, Pranks and Potty Rides

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Published on 23 Aug 2022, 10:00
Wacky weapons, explosive firefights… and making your mates play as burning dumpster fires. Saints Row now allows you to add extra chaos to the criminal empire-building mix with the introduction of co-op mode pranking. We took to the streets of Santo Ileso to give it a go. Sponsored by Plaion.

Entering the madcap, sandbox world of Volition’s Saints Row, players soon learn to expect the unexpected. One minute they’re tasked with eliminating bad guys in a wheel-to-wheel car chase, the next they’re soaring over freeways in a wingsuit or plowing through enemy territory with a hostage trapped inside a porta-potty.

While you can happily dispatch tatted-up heavies solo in pursuit of gangland domination, co-op play dials up the game’s absurdity with the ability to prank unsuspecting friends. Completing side challenges rewards you with points that fill up an on-screen prank meter. Obtain enough of them and you’ll have the power to disrupt your mates gameplay by flipping them upside down or transforming them into various inanimate objects.

What could be funnier than taking out enemies with a rocket launcher disguised as a guitar case? Doing it while your friend tries to fight off NPCs after being converted into a sentient vending machine, that’s what! Saints Row launches on 23rd August for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Stadia.

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