Here’s How We Know Evil Morty Is Still Out There | Rick and Morty Canon Fodder

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Published on 6 Sep 2022, 18:30
The Rick and Morty season 6 premiere is here, and we finally have some official direction on how we should watch Rick and Morty (hint: canon matters a lot). We watched the first two Rick and Morty episodes of the new season and both contain a lot of show favorites as the Adult Swim staple explores more of the Smith family relationships. 

Rick Sanchez has always been a complex character, along with grandson Morty Smith, but what does the future hold? We sat down with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for all the answers we need for the future of Rick and Morty. Adult Swim gave us a preview to work off, and it sure seems like there’s a lot more for the story of the Rick & Morty multiverse. After the season 5 Rick and Morty finale, we saw a huge development for Evil Morty and pretty much the complete Rick and Morty timeline. How could he impact the Rick and Morty timeline? Explained by the creators, the door is wide open for Evil Morty, and though they didn’t say it outright, we think another Evil Morty episode is inevitable. But should we care?? We asked, and got a pretty clear answer on the Evil Morty theme and that we should maybe actually pay attention to what he has to say in the famous “evil morty speech.” We’re not off the central finite curve yet, nor Evil Morty. Season 5 set up a bit, and it looks clear what season 6 will get to regarding all of it- the future of Rick and Morty, central finite curve business, and all the canon details we here at IGN are obsessed with following. Kim Horcher interviews the creators and breaks down Rick and Morty season 6 episode 1 and 2 FULLY on this edition of Canon Fodder.