Arin (… I mean Karn) gets to work with Magic the Gathering!!

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Published on 7 Sep 2022, 18:02
This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Watch Chapter 1 on The Command Zone's YouTube channel:

Arin can’t believe he gets to work with Wizards of the Coast to tell the story of Dominaria United!!! Er, I mean, Karn, the great creator. Not Arin.

Find the next chapter of the story (Chapter 4) on Voxy's YouTube/Twitch channel soon:
Find the full written version of this chapter of the story here:
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(This video was produced by The Command Zone)
Producer/Director: Josh Lee Kwai
Writers: Jamie Block & Jordan Pridgen
Editor: Gaurav Gulati
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Art Director: Ladee Danger
Costume Design: Olivia Gobert-Hicks
Co-Producer: Jimmy Wong
Sprite Design: Robyn Nicole
GFX, Game Animations & Sound Mix: Gaurav Gulati
Casting: Ashlen Rose
Assistant Editors: Jordan Pridgen & Jamie Block
Overlay GFX: Ladee Danger
Additional GFX: Evan Limberger and Ashlen Rose
Additional Sprite Design: Katpridesprites, Ruchan107
Production Assistant: Truc Thai
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