Disney Games' Tron: Identity is A Detective Story Set In the Grid | D23 Expo 2022

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Published on 9 Sep 2022, 20:34
Tron: Identity is the newest game announced by Disney, but what is this mysterious game all about? Is it a puzzle game? Tron makes one of its biggest returns ever since Tron: Legacy! 

No, we’re not announcing a Tron movie, nor a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy, theme park ride, etc. What we have is the latest adaptation coming from the Tron (1982) original, not counting any theme park Tron ride. Could this scratch the same itch as Tron 3? Or will it fall into the vein of Tron Uprising? More importantly, will we experience the famous Tron light cycle? Outside the beloved Tron lightcycle, we’re sure to experience another incredible Tron soundtrack, as it’s one of the best moody scores among Disney’s non-musical repertoire. Tron, Disney knows is an important if not easy franchise to follow up on, be it through the eyes of characters like Flynn or Clu or Tron. News hadn’t picked up on the finer details so far, but we have all the details on this brand new Tron game. Akeem Lawanson of IGN has you covered for D23 2002 on the D23 games stream featuring the latest Disney and Marvel games news. What Disney video games are you most excited about?  Do you just want a follow up to Tron Evolution? While we can’t promise anything in the line of Tron Evolution; gameplay footage and cinematic footage will tell the story to come for Tron!

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