Forspoken Gameplay Preview: A Lot of Magic and a Hint of DMC

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Published on 12 Sep 2022, 19:59
After getting about an hour of hands-on time with Forspoken gameplay, we were left excited to see more. A recent Forspoken trailer has gotten many excited after showing off gameplay that looks fast-paced and varied, but the cynicism surrounding recent dialogue from Cuff is constantly in the back of our mind. Thankfully during this Forspoken hands-on session, he wasn't particularly annoying, and instead, we were left excited by the fast-paced gameplay that reminded us of other combat-focused games like Devil May Cry. This Forspoken 4K preview uses provided footage, and while our Forspoken PS5 gameplay preview was done on console, it's unclear what platform this footage sent by Square Enix was captured on. That said here's our Forspoken hands- on Preview.

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