Weiss Schwarz: Learn How To Play as We Play with hololive & Tokyo Revengers Deck - Let’s Play Lounge

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Published on 16 Sep 2022, 18:31
Fans of Anime, hololive, Manga, and Video Games can celebrate their favorite characters with the trading card game (TCG) Weiss Schwarz and now you can learn how to play Weiss Schwarz by watching us play Weiss Schwarz; it’s all presented by Bushiroad.

Weiss Schwarz expert Alex Hodges sits down with first time player Alan Wheeler and teaches him how to play Weiss Schwarz as they play the game, taking it one step at a time. Alex Hodges walks Alan Wheeler through the Weiss Schwarz cards and the Weiss Schwarz rules

Weiss Schwarz Decks Used
Alex Hodges - Custom hololive Deck
Alan Wheeler - Tokyo Revengers Trial Deck+

00:00 - Intro
02:01 - Basic Gameplay
02:44 - Let’s Play
35:29 - Tokyo Revengers Trial Deck + and Attack on Titan: Final Season