Solium Infernum - Official Cinematic Trailer

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Published on 22 Sep 2022, 16:15
Check out the trailer for League of Geeks' new turn-based strategy game, Solium Infernum. This reimagined version of Vic Davis’ cult-classic game from 2009 is planned to arrive on PC sometime in 2023.

In Solium Infernum, players take turns simultaneously, with each player only able to see their enemies’ actions after making their own moves. The game will offer a two-four hour single-player mode as well as weeklong six-player multiplayer matches that only require a few minutes of play each day.

Choose one of eight Archfiends and customize the villain’s defining perks to suit your playstyle. Increase your power level, put secret schemes into action, and more as you take control of over 50 different Legions and demonic Praetors.

The Prince of Darkness has abandoned his Throne, and the great Archfiends of Hell are ready to claim it. Players will need to outwit their rivals with devious political and military strategies and betray others on their path to becoming Hell’s new ruler.

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