The Munsters Review

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Published on 27 Sep 2022, 14:00
The Munsters is now streaming on Netflix. Review by Matt Donato.

The Munsters has more personality in Herman’s detached right hand than other horror films find in 90 minutes — but at almost two hours, there’s a question as to how long Rob Zombie can sustain ‘60s sitcom schtick. All praise to the performers here, risen from graves without any sluggishness or rigor mortis. What’s unfortunate are the pencil-drawn interludes, hapless — intentional or not — post-production effects, and overall execution blemishes. Zombie’s crossed an entry off his bucket list, with sacrifices made it seems. The Munsters features all the attributes of titles that end up on some critics’ “worst of year” lists, which can’t be refuted — just like how in reverse, those who enjoy this tit-for-tat Munsters revamp can’t be told wrong. I’m oddly in the middle, somehow, smitten by Herman and Lily’s courtship. I embraced the camp, chuckled appropriately, and felt like I was watching an old-school The Munsters episode for better and worse. That must count for something?