Gears and Gasoline

16 Mar 2010
1 day 20:05
Adventure Roadtrip in the Honda Fit -- Luke Kockler's Day Off
We told Luke he needed to make a video and he just went on vacation.
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4 days 20:25
Completing the Build On My 670WHP Evo X - Episode 6
I think I'm done throwing parts at this car now. This is how I wanted this car.
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8 days 16:47
Why I'm Making my Evo Slower
I'm just excited to drive it again.
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15 days 12:31
ITBs SCREAMING to 10,000 RPM on the Dyno
Andy's YouTube Channel: Thanks to Valvoline for providing all the fluids we use on the S2000, and helping make the build possible.
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18 days 20:26
Swapping the 10,000RPM K20 into my S2000
Thanks to Valvoline for providing all the fluids we use on the S2000, and helping make the build possible.
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22 days 14:30
Putting a Built, ITB K20 in my S2000
My most YouTube build yet. Thanks to Valvoline for providing all the fluids we use on the S2000, and helping make the build possible.
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25 days 9:12
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29 days 10:35
Daily Drive Your Fun Car
Drive the car that you enjoy. We spend too much time in our daily drivers for them to be boring and depressing. Yes, fun cars can cost more to operate, but it's worth it.
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32 days 8:34
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39 days 11:16
How much power does the Evo X make now? - Episode 5
In the last episode we noticed that we were lifting the head. So in this episode, we get it fixed and see how much power the G30-900 makes!
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43 days 13:05
Upgrading the Turbo on my Evo X - Episode 4
Taking a short roadtrip up to Minnesota to change out the turbo on my Evo X. It's great having all this horsepower, but it comes on so late in the powerband.
158 364
46 days 16:13
Building My 10,000RPM, High-Compression K20
Special thanks to Drag Cartel for helping to source all these engine components. They sell everything you need for a build like this, and much, much crazier.
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50 days 13:13
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53 days 10:12
What If You Don't Mod Your Car?
I'm sure everyone will agree with my uncontroversial opinion.
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57 days 12:01
Building Honda’s Most Underrated Car
This is the best car ever made, and I made it better.
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60 days 17:46
Fixing the Suspension on my Evo X - Build Episode 3
There's nothing technically wrong with the suspension on the Evo X, but we can make it better. This thing was set up for highway pulls and I think that's doing this car a disservice.
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64 days 9:06
Don't Be Unique
Be Genuine. I think being Unique can sometimes get in the way of being Authentic. What do you think? Thanks to Seth from Dress Up Bolts for showing his great BRZ!
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67 days 9:34
The Truth About the 2023 Civic Type R
Honda flew us to the Napa Valley California to drive the new 2023 Civic Type R on the street and track. I got to drive this thing at Sonoma Raceway!
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71 day 16:57
Throwing More Parts at the Evo X - Build Episode 2
Yes, more parts for the Evo X. Before we get into the fine tuning of this car, we've got to replace more of the parts that are degraded. Thanks to MAPerformance for sponsoring these parts!
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74 days 19:52
Widowmaker MR2 - 230WHP MRS Goes to the Track
Go ahead and 2AR-swap your MRS.
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78 days 19:39
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81 day 10:18
The Ultimate Test - Stage Rally
Rally is awesome! We visited STPR Rally 2022 to see some of the sights and sounds and see what makes rally special.
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85 days 14:00
New Wheels for the 700whp Evo + More - Build Episode 1
It's finally time to put some wrenches onto this thing and start bringing it back into the modern era.
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88 days 16:10
Detailing my 700whp Evo X
This car has been mostly sitting in storage for 6 years, it's time to give this thing a bit of a refresh before we start wrenching on it. Lets see what cleans up, and what doesn't.
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92 days 9:52
I Bought a Racing Simulator!
Why has it taken me so long to take the plunge and buy a sim rig? This thing is AWESOME! There's nothing quite like sitting down and driving cars, even if it's on a simulation.
192 370
95 days 11:10
I can't believe I bought this.
I can't believe this car is mine. Why did I buy this? I don't need 700whp.
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99 days 11:47
Putting a Camry Engine in My MR2 - Episode 3
The swap is complete! The engine is running, and we're ready to see how much power we can make out of this puppy! Thanks to Advance Auto Parts for sponsoring this video!
198 365
102 days 10:27
Putting a Camry Engine in My MR2 - Episode 2
The swap continues! We've got the 2ar engine and transmission all put together. Now it's time to get it put in the car, get it all hooked up, and running.
184 227
106 days 10:31
Putting a Camry Engine in My MR2 - Episode 1
It's finally time to get the MR2 running again! This time, with a different engine. I'm dropping in a 2AR Toyota engine from a Toyota Camry.
234 488
113 days 13:05
How much it cost to build my 500whp STI
Since building my STI, I've been getting a lot of people asking me how much all of it cost.
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