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12 May 2015
17 hours 9:03
Diana and Roma open the Advent Calendar with a Christmas to-do list
Diana and Roma are looking forward to Christmas. Dad offers a to-do list in the form of an advent calendar. Now Diana and Roma are ready for Christmas and New Year!
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4 days 8:58
Diana Roma and Oliver teach 3D Shapes with magic lockers
Diana Roma and Oliver teach 3D shapes. Fun adventures with magical school lockers. Educational kids videos.
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7 days 21:44
Diana Roma and Oliver in Funny School Stories / Video Compilation
Diana Roma and Oliver play school stories. Interesting and educational videos for kids.
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11 days 6:19
Diana and Roma teach School bus rules with friends
Diana and Roma go to school with their friends on the School Bus. Children learn safety rules on the school bus and get to school well.
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14 days 9:00
Diana and Roma show the Safety Rules on board the Airplane
Diana and Roma demonstrate the rules of conduct on board the plane by playing the Airplane Challenge.
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18 days 3:54
Diana and Roma in Pop It Rooms School Challenge
Diana and Roma end up in the school's Pop It Rooms. They need to complete the Challenge by completing interesting school assignments.
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21 day 24:19
Diana and Roma Playhouse Adventures / Opposites Challenge Compilation
Diana and Roma end up in colored playhouses. Adventure awaits. An excellent resource for preschool education in juxtaposition of opposites: Big vs. small, color difference, hot vs. cold, and more.
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23 days 4:24
Diana and Roma Water Balloons PlayDate with Baby Oliver
Diana and Roma have a day off! The children had a Fun Day with inflatable toys and water balloons. Oliver also wants to play, but he is still small.
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26 days 6:14
Diana and Roma Purple VS Orange Challenge
Diana and Roma paint a Halloween pumpkin. Diana likes purple, and Roma likes orange. Which color is better? Orange vs. Purple Halloween Challenge by Diana and Roma. Thanks for watching!
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30 days 6:56
Diana and Roma celebrate Roma's 10th Birthday Party
Diana and Roma celebrate Roma's 10th Birthday Party in Let's Play style. Diana and Roma have fun with friends!
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34 days 7:21
Diana and Roma Trick or Treat Halloween Adventure!
Diana and Roma's Trick or Treat Halloween Adventure.
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39 days 4:33
Diana and Roma Magic Colored playhouse challenge
Diana and Roma turn small playhouses into huge playhouse. Children decorate them with colorful furniture using magic. How much fun it is to play in four colored houses!
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42 days 2:55
Diana and Roma visit Hobbledown Adventure Park
Diana and Roma visit Hobbledown Adventure Park in London. Children have a great time outdoors exploring various attractions, playgrounds and a mini zoo. Thanks for watching!
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46 days 26:23
Diana and Roma kids stories about Halloween
Children's adventure stories of Diana and Roma about Halloween. Thanks for watching!
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49 days 5:17
Diana and Roma play in Four Colors Playhouse
Diana and Roma play in four colored playhouses. But this is not always a comfortable neighborhood. Children learn to get along with each other by living in the neighborhood.
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53 days 3:40
Diana and Roma 24 hours in the Baby Room Challenge
Diana and Roma want to be babies so they don't have to do homework. They spend 24 hours in baby Oliver's room. Will they be able to stay there for long? Thanks for watching!
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60 days 34:29
Diana and the most interesting moments of summer vacation
Diana and Roma had a great summer vacation. We often think about our warm summer days, travel, entertainment and outdoor recreation. Join our memories in this fun collection of videos for kids.
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63 days 7:30
Diana and Roma English Alphabet with Surprise Eggs | ABC
Diana and Roma name the Letters of the English Alphabet and find a Surprise Egg under each letter. Have fun learning the ABC with Diana and Roma! Thanks for watching!
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67 days 28:05
Diana and Roma - Funny Videos with Cat and Other Animals
Diana and Roma A collection of videos about the Cat and other animals. Thanks for watching!
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70 days 4:54
Diana and Roma at school Oliver A new student
Diana and Roma pretend to play school. Today, a new student, Oliver, came to their class. Thanks for watching!
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74 days 34:23
Diana and Roma Profession Challenge and more funny stories for kids
Diana and Roma Profession Challenge and more funny stories for kids Thanks for watching!
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77 days 5:14
Diana and Roma YES or NO Challenge
Diana and Roma have fun playing Yes or No Challenge. They need to answer Yes or No to an action unknown to them.
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81 day 7:24
Diana and Roma explore the Professions of the Future
Diana and Roma press colored buttons, enter the future and explore Professions.
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86 days 3:58
Diana and Roma Entertainment for kids at the hotel
Diana and Roma have fun at the Nirvana Dolce Vita Hotel in Turkey.
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93 days 33:04
Diana Roma Oliver Birthday Video Collection
Diana, Roma and little Oliver celebrate birthdays. Diana makes presents for Dad's birthday. A collection of fun videos about celebrating our birthdays. Thanks for watching!
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97 days 6:00
Diana and Roma Family trip to the sea
Diana and Roma show how fun and active they are spending time at sea in Turkey. We settled in the Nirvana Dolce Vita hotel. Here is the most beautiful sea and a lot of activities for children's!
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100 days 41:36
Diana and Roma Escape Room and more funny challenges
Diana and Roma in the Escape Room and more funny challenges. Collection entertaining kids videos. Thanks for watching!
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102 days 38:54
Diana and Roma Back to School stories
Diana and Roma in Collection of the best Back to School stories for kids. Thanks for watching!
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105 days 5:51
Diana Roma and Oliver Have a Fun Day at the Kids Club
Diana Roma and little Oliver have fun at the kids club at the Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence in Turkey.
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109 days 6:35
Diana and Roma Family summer vacation
Diana and Roma are actively and cheerfully spending time outdoors, swimming and sunbathing, strengthening their health during the summer holidays.
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