13 Aug 2010
26 days 4:07
Sneakers on the Ground (Featuring Erin Renee & Glenn Howard) by Moog [LYRIC VIDEO]
Official Song and lyric video as featured on the film 'Turbos & Temples 3' by Mighty Car Mods Listen Here: ►Apple Music
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28 days 32:15
Super Garage - Supercharged V8 1964 Pontiac Bonneville
Supergarage has been an awesome place to help some good mates complete their builds. This one has been going for a LONG time but we're stoked to see it wrapped up and on the road..
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33 days 4:52
Bullet (Japanese Version) Featuring Erin Clare | By Moog
Song as featured on the film Turbos & Temples 3 by Mighty Car Mods Listen Here: ►Apple Music
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34 days 2:29
Behind The Music - TURBOS & TEMPLES 3 | 'Bullet (Japanese Version)' by Moog
The film Turbos & Temples 3 features a number of new songs. In this video, go behind the scenes in the studio with Moog and Erin Clare to see how they re-created the song 'Bullet' in Japanese.
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40 days 10:04
FULL DETAIL | STI Swapped Subaru Levorg Wagon
Anyone who has owned a black car knows how amazing they can look when they are clean... but also how little dirt it takes to make them look filthy.
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50 days 27:58
We shouldn't be showing you this... [Unicorn Circuit EP106]
We've got something special to show you!
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92 days 25:42
STI Swapped Levorg Subaru Wagon - Your Questions Answered
How much did it cost? You asked the questions... so here are the answers!
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101 day 2:36
My Car Goes Pshhh Pshhh [Remix] feat.36pimp by TEAM EVO (FULL SONG)
Music Video for My Car Goes Pshhh Pshhh [Remix] feat.36pimp by TEAMO EVO MOOG Get The Song Here: APPLE MUSIC
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103 days 5:04
MCM Fan Records Remix of 'My Car Goes PSHHH PSHHH'
I got sent a link from an MCM fan who recorded his own version of the song 'My Car Goes PSHHH PSHHH'. So I invited him over to the studio to meet up and record it properly!
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107 days 2:57
Mini Jdm Truck Battle - Bonus Race! [Daihatsu Midget Vs Kei Truck]
Daihatsu Midget and Kei Tipper go head to head in a mini motorkhana battle at Sydney Motorsport Park Watch the main battle here
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108 days 2:18
$300 Miata / MX5
You CAN still find a bargain like this MX5 which was $300
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113 days 2:36
Drag Race & Roll Race | Subaru STI Levorg (FB20+CVT) VS Our Swapped (EJ25+6speed) Levorg
We borrowed a Subaru "STI" Levorg to race against our EJ25 STI Levorg.
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115 days 36:52
Sti Levorg Subaru Wagon [Unicorn Circuit Ep105]
We manual swapped and EJ converted a Subaru Levorg! DISCOUNT CODE IN THE VIDEO!
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137 days 49:28
Manuals ARE BACK! [Unicorn Circuit EP104]
Some manufacturers are pushing to keep the manual alive after customers plead for the option of three pedals.
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205 days 37:39
F1 going Carbon Neutral + Police say BYE BYE to V8 Commodores [Unicorn Circuit EP103]
Formula 1 continues push to hit Net-Zero Carbon by 2030 target, Australian Federal Police say goodbye to their last V8 commodore and we give an update on the 180SX.
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228 days 10:53
We got a racing Sim Rig!
After year of resisting, we finally got ourselves a Sim Racing setup! Thanks to Phil and Derek from Check out their stuff here: Want our exact setup?
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242 days 14:17
MK8 Golf R and GR Yaris - Skids at The Bend
We took our MK8 Golf R and GR Yaris to The Bend in South Australia to have a look around, and do some skids at the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 reveal event.
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256 days 1:15
How To Replace Mirror Caps (VW Golf GTI / R)
In this simple DIY video, we show you how to replace the mirror caps on your VW. In this video we're working on a MK8 Golf R. Watch the full build here
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257 days 33:09
We Tried to Steal our own car Conspiracy [Unicorn Circuit EP102]
Someone tried to steal the GTiR... apparently it was us. Nissan Z pricing announced in Australia, Mercedes takes autonomous driving to level 3 and stolen car conspiracies.
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302 days 5:46
Thrashing the FIRST MK8 Golf R in Australia
We got our hands on the very first MK8 golf R in Australia, then took it directly to the track to thrash it. Even VW staff had not yet track tested the car...
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326 days 34:02
Sony Electric Car! [Unicorn Circuit Ep101]
Crazy fuel prices, Pixar conspiracies, and Sony is set to move from PlayStations to electric cars with the help of Honda.
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333 days 13:27
Episode 100 Special | The Unicorn Muppet
The Unicorn Circuit is back with a special video to celebrate our 100th episode! We'd like to thank each and every one of our 38 viewers for watching the show!
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344 days 42:19
Fan Takeover [Unicorn Circuit Ep99]
We asked and you delivered! Viewers from all over the world are taking over The Unicorn Circuit in this special episode.
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353 days 33:31
Gherkin Gate [EP98]
We asked you to send us a gherkin in the mail, so someone did. BAD IDEA...
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358 days 26:09
Petrol is OFFICIALLY DEAD! [Unicorn Circuit EP97]
Petrol is over people, but there's also a conspiracy that EV's are designed... NEVER to actually be sold. We're going deep this episode so strap yourselves in!
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359 days 39:45
Did TESLA Falsify their Records? [Unicorn Circuit EP96]
There's a huge conspiracy this week that's made the news! Plus the all new classic Mini OEM battery conversion program!
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360 days 31:37
Nissan Z Price Revealed! [Unicorn Circuit EP95]
It costs HOW MUCH??? We're kicking off daily episodes of the Unicorn as we head towards our 100th episode. Strap yourselves in, put on your Unicorn Costumes and come with us on this cosmic adventure.
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361 day 35:31
New Toyota GR Corolla + Insane used car prices [Unicorn Circuit EP94]
The Unicorn Circuit is back and we’re kicking off 2022 in a BIG way.
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30.12.21 16:07
NCM: CAR SURVIVAL KIT. How To Set Up a Survival Back Pack // Bug Out Bag
Going on a road trip? Watch this first! With more people heading out for road trips, exploring, and driving holidays, it's more important than ever to make sure you're prepared.
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15.12.21 48:12
Nat's What I Reckon SPECIAL GUEST [Unicorn Circuit EP93]
This week on The Unicorn Circuit we talk all the most important car news and have one of the world's best celebrity chefs ever in all-time in the whole universe on our show!
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