13 Aug 2010
7 days 33:57
Fake McClaren F1 LM and Anti-Gravity Conspiracy [Unicorn Circuit EP111]
We bought a perpetual motion machine for $10 and solved all of the worlds problems.
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8 days 5:54
Pierre Gasly Drives MOD MAX [ALPINE F1 Team]
What do you do when a world famous F1 driver wants the keys to your car? Hand them over of course.
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15 days 10:53
How To Set Up Your Driving Position (for SPEED)
Learn how to set up your seat and driving position properly with TCR racing driver Josh Buchan. See more about this on the main Mighty Car Mods Channel CASH vs TRASH |
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17 days 6:32
$100 Helmet vs $7,000 Helmet
Does more expensive mean better? And should you use a motorbike helmet for a car track day? Wonder no more because in this bonus episode of 'Cash vs Trash' we get an expert to explain.
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21 day 44:18
Marty almost sunk his boat + Hyundai N Vision Going into Production? [Unicorn Circuit EP110]
FREE MYTERY GIFTS for all orders over $50. Tools, freebies and autographed items!
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21 day 0:45
It’s always fun reading through your comments
It’s always fun reading through your comments #cars #cartok #cargram #cartube #comments #music #eshay #frenchcore #funny #mightycarmods
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24 days 5:28
Does a louder exhaust make more power?
It's a question that's full of controversy so today we ask an expert: Does a loud exhaust actually equate to making more power? Dyno testing a potato in an exhaust pipe
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27 days 0:34
Turns out Marty has been an eshay all along…
Turns out Marty has been an eshay all along… #cars #cartok #cargram #cartube #eshay #frenchcore #peugeot #peugeot206 #mightycarmods
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30 days 6:13
Do Pod Filters Make You Lose Power?
Can you actually make power with a POD Filter or are you just sucking in hot air?
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32 days 3:28
Will Lowered Springs Wreck Your Shocks? | ASK AN EXPERT
It's a question that has been asked thousands of times, so it's time to get the truth! Thank you to Andre from DNA Autosport
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40 days 1:00
We’ve encountered some weird experiences with pizza over the years
We’ve encountered some weird experiences with pizza over the years. #cars #cartok #cargram #cartube #pizza #italy #france #mightycarmods
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48 days 34:23
Land speed Record Attempt in Supra Rental Car [Unicorn Circuit EP109]
Well you've gotta give credit where its due, and renting a car to take to a max speed event is somewhat ingenious...
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58 days 1:08
Snail Stomp - DJ Rod Knock
You asked for it, so here it is. The music from the Peugeot Episode
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61 day 6:21
Budget Peugeot 206 Nugget - Moog's First Drive
This filthy 206 was the cheapest in the country, and now Moog gets behind the wheel to see just how bad it really is!
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67 days 5:35
Budget Suzuki Swift Sport - Marty's First Drive
After picking up the cheapest Suzuki Swift Sport in the country, Marty takes it for a drive... MY NEW CAR REVEALED!
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67 days 6:17
MK8 VW Golf R - A Racing Drivers Perspective
I handed over the keys to my MK8 Golf R to a professional race car driver to see what he thinks of the car, get some speed up, and find out his top 3 tips of going fast, and enjoying track days.
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71 day 20:56
HONDA CIVIC Full Restoration [In 20 Minutes]
Months of work on this restoration is cut down to just 20 minutes so you can see the full transformation of this incredible B16 powered Honda Civic, Type R style.
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74 days 8:34
Our Off Road Support Cars REVEALED
When we go off-road, there's a couple of cars, and a couple of mates that come with us.
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79 days 29:43
How to tune Diesel for Power! (Australia's CHEAPEST HILUX)
After doing a bunch of mods to Australia's cheapest Hilux, we hit the Dyno with Scotty to squeeze some more power out it!
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88 days 7:15
How much does it cost to Turbo a Honda Civic on the cheap?
Civic Build: Super Garage Merch: D16 Civic Costs (AUD RRP) : ECU and
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99 days 28:56
GR Corolla + Paying for Car Subscriptions? [Unicorn Circuit EP108]
Automakers are making you pay for features that are already in the car + The Toyota GR Corolla is coming to Australia!
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107 days 25:54
Thrashing a Modified Midget on a Golf Course
Take a look behind the scenes as we run wild around a golf course in our modified Daihatsu Midget WATCH THE FINAL AD HERE This build was done as part
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123 days 1:00
Ballistic Land Rover or boosted Camry?
Ballistic Land Rover or boosted Camry?
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128 days 34:24
World Best Selling Cars - WHY?? [Unicorn Circuit EP107]
You'll never guess the best selling cars of 2022! We're back for another season of The Unicorn Circuit.
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159 days 4:07
Sneakers on the Ground (Featuring Erin Renee & Glenn Howard) by Moog [LYRIC VIDEO]
Official Song and lyric video as featured on the film 'Turbos & Temples 3' by Mighty Car Mods Listen Here: ►Apple Music
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161 day 32:15
Super Garage - Supercharged V8 1964 Pontiac Bonneville
Supergarage has been an awesome place to help some good mates complete their builds. This one has been going for a LONG time but we're stoked to see it wrapped up and on the road..
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165 days 4:52
Bullet (Japanese Version) Featuring Erin Clare | By Moog
Song as featured on the film Turbos & Temples 3 by Mighty Car Mods Listen Here: ►Apple Music
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167 days 2:29
Behind The Music - TURBOS & TEMPLES 3 | 'Bullet (Japanese Version)' by Moog
The film Turbos & Temples 3 features a number of new songs. In this video, go behind the scenes in the studio with Moog and Erin Clare to see how they re-created the song 'Bullet' in Japanese.
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172 days 10:04
FULL DETAIL | STI Swapped Subaru Levorg Wagon
Anyone who has owned a black car knows how amazing they can look when they are clean... but also how little dirt it takes to make them look filthy.
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183 days 27:58
We shouldn't be showing you this... [Unicorn Circuit EP106]
We've got something special to show you!
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