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8 Jan 2008
3 days 0:49
He smashed my car
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3 days 18:22
Custom stainless 3.5" Exhaust | Subaru H6 Powered STI Levorg Build EP12
Work on the Levorg continues! With the help of Al we build a full 3.5" turbo back exhaust system from scratch.
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7 days 0:10
Riding an electric suitcase down the street #japan
Saw this crazy thing when driving in Japan making Turbos & Temples 3
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12 days 25:32
Golf + Brz + Gr Yaris Battle / Which Is Best? Fwd, Rwd Or Awd
We got a pro racing driver to take our cars for a hot lap to find out which is best!
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18 days 31:14
The REAL STORY Behind Mighty Car Mods
After 15 years of making the show, we decided it was time to tell you everything!
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25 days 13:22
Giving away Martyโ€™s favourite car
A new car and a pallet stacked with mods!
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28 days 0:39
Getting the final shots of our RX7 in Japan for Turbos and Temples 3 Feature Film
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #video #moviemaking #film #sunset #japan
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28 days 0:39
Going through a Japanese tollway in our FD RX7
Turns it out was broken so we had to use old school tickets! Check out our feature length film #shorts #rx7 #japan #mightycarmods
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28 days 0:59
A mad Suzuki we found at Super AutoBacs Car Park
from our film Turbos and Temples 3; check it out here: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw
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28 days 0:53
Attacked by a Japanese batting cage robot pitcher
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #batting #baseball #smashedphone
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28 days 0:54
Moog's Japanese Food Odyssey
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #food
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28 days 0:56
Busted at the Japanese Tollbooth
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #tolls #japan
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28 days 0:53
Expensive fruit at the servo in Japan
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #fruit #japan
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28 days 0:51
A car factory the size of an entire city
Our feature film: youtube.com/watch?v=tyOxU-oUsEw #shorts #mazda #factory
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28 days 0:18
Cruising through Japan in an FD RX7 for our Film Turbos and Temples 3
Check out our feature length film, 90 minutes of JDM Rotary Goodness #shorts #rx7 #mightycarmods #featurefilm
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34 days 1:22:31
Turbos & Temples 3 // Jdm Feature Film 4K
Marty and Moog are back in Japan to pick up another car that they've bought off the internet. This time, they'll be road tripping to Hiroshima to meet up with someone very special.
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37 days 27:14
BIG Engine Swap - BUILT H6 into my manual STI Subaru Levorg Wagon - EP11
In the episode we go deep into fabricating custom turbo manifolds, fuel systems and an intercooler - all required to get this H6 engine swapped STI levorg as close to half a megawatt as we can.
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42 days 19:57
Getting the band back together | Subaru Levorg Wagon Build EP10
After a few short weeks of driving the modified EJ25 4 cylinder STI Swapped Subaru Levorg, the force of the flat 6 motor was too strong...
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45 days 41:11
What's in the Crate? | Subaru STI Levorg Build EP9
It's a mystery that has been sitting in our shed for quite a while... we just needed the right car to come along to put it into.. ๐Ÿ”” Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you don't miss a video!
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52 days 17:38
FWD vs AWD Race | MK8 Golf R vs Modified MK7 GTI [The Dream Crusher]
Can a modified Golf GTI beat a MK8 Golf R? Today we find out as we thrash them both with a professional race car driver behind the wheel!
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59 days 28:15
How To Modify Your Daily Car (In UNDER 2 HOURS)
Take your daily driven car from boring and stock to modified and awesome in less than 2 hours. This video is everything you need to know about how to easily modify your daily driven car.
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67 days 20:09
Marty's New Daily [FASTER and CHEAPER than MK8 Golf R]
Most people think that the Golf R is the king of the hot hatches - but is it really? Marty doesn't think so and he's here to save money, and go faster with his new daily...
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72 days 23:57
VW MK8 Golf R | Honest Long Term Owners Review (Mods, Drifting, Street, Racing)
After owning this car for 6 months, here's everything you need to know!
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79 days 8:23
Hello from Japan
We're picking up a new car we bought off the internet from Japan Grab an autographed SuperGramps Poster here
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88 days 32:38
The BEST Subaru Wagon Ever? We have two.. EP8
We compare our newly converted and modified STI Levorg with the our Supergramps build, a EZ36 powered turbocharged monster... plus a little surprise at the end...
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95 days 35:50
Dyno Tune, a new interior and a stereo system! | Manual Swapped EJ25 Powered Subaru Wagon EP7
After weeks of work converting then modifying Marty's STI swapped Subaru Levorg Sportswagon, it's time to hit the dyno for a tune and then upgrade the interior with a full stereo system!
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102 days 20:36
Mods, Upgrades & More Power | Manual Swapped Ej Powered Sti Subaru Wagon Ep6
The Levorg drives brilliantly, but leaving it stock? Naaah.
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108 days 14:18
Subaru STI Levorg Wagon Tow Bar EP5
We took a boring CVT auto Subaru Levorg and swapped an entire 2018 Subaru WRX STI into it. It works SO well - now it's time to make the wagon even more useful with a tow bar!
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113 days 23:28
How does it Drive? | Manual Swapped EJ Powered STI Levorg Subaru Wagon EP4
It's been weeks of work, in this episode we swap the STI front end, head the the dyno, smash on an upgraded exhaust and head out to the skid pan to see if this thing is in fact as good as we hoped!
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