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8 Apr 2009
9 days 2:07:04
AWS re:Invent 2022 - Keynote with Adam Selipsky
Adam Selipsky, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services, delivers his AWS re:Invent 2022 keynote, featuring forward-thinking builders who are transforming industries and even our future
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7 days 1:53:40
AWS re:Invent 2022 - Keynote with Dr. Werner Vogels
Dr. Werner Vogels, VP and CTO, talks about the benefits of building asynchronous, loosely coupled systems and how event-driven architecture enables global scale.
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11 days 1:02
Introducing AWS Lambda SnapStart | Amazon Web Services
AWS Lambda SnapStart for Java delivers up to 10x faster function startup performance at no extra cost.
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12 days 1:24
Introduction to Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments | Amazon Web Services
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments allow you to make safer, simpler, and faster database updates with zero data loss on Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and Amazon RDS
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11 days 1:22
AWS Wickr | Amazon Web Services
AWS Wickr is an end-to-end encrypted service that helps organizations collaborate securely through one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, screen sharing, and more.
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12 days 1:39
Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor | Amazon Web Services
Internet monitoring now available through Amazon CloudWatch in preview.
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10 days 1:18
What is Amazon Security Lake? | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Security Lake automatically centralizes your security data into a data lake stored in your account.
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8 days 0:28
Amazon CodeCatalyst | Amazon Web Services
Amazon CodeCatalyst brings together everything you need to plan, code, build, test, & deploy applications on #AWS. Learn more at
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9 days 21:21
Now Go Build - A Level Playing Field S3E4 | Amazon Web Services
View the full Now Go Build Playlist: Travel to Copenhagen with Amazon CTO Dr.
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10 days 2:11
Transform Genomic and Biological Data Into insights with Amazon Omics | Amazon Web Services
The human genome acts as the biological blueprint of the human body and has the potential to transform how we discover new therapies and treat disease.
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10 days 0:23
AWS Supply Chain | Amazon Web Services
What do car companies, grocery stores, and container ships have in common--a new way to ensure companies of all kinds can get their customers the products they want.
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11 days 5:57
How AWS Will Return More Water Than It Uses by 2030 | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services’s commitment to be water positive by 2030 means the company will return more water to communities and the environment than it uses in its operations.
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9 days 0:25
Amazon VPC Lattice | Amazon Web Services
Amazon VPC Lattice provides a consistent way to connect, monitor, and secure communication between your services, improving your productivity by letting you focus on building features that matter to
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11 days 1:55
What is Amazon Macie? | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Macie is a data security service that discovers sensitive data using machine learning and pattern matching, provides visibility into data security risks, and enables you to automate
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17 days 0:56
Now Open: AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region | Amazon Web Services
We are excited to announce the new AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region is now open!
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9 days 1:25
What is Amazon AppFlow? | Amazon Web Services
Amazon AppFlow is a fully managed integration service that enables you to securely transfer and transform data between software as a service (SaaS) applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Google
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10 days 1:35
Amazon OpenSearch Serverless | Amazon Web Services
Amazon OpenSearch Serverless automatically provisions and scales resources to provide consistently fast data ingest rates and millisecond response times for even the most demanding and unpredictable
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2 days 3:17
AWS Private 5G: Easily setup a private mobile network
In this video, we will demonstrate how you can easily setup a private mobile network using the AWS Private 5G service. Learn more at: Subscribe: More AWS videos - bit.
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10 days 1:43
Why AWS SimSpace Weaver? | Amazon Web Services
AWS SimSpace Weaver is a managed service that allows developers to create expansive simulation worlds at new levels of complexity and scale without worrying about the underlying compute, memory, or
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24 days 6:57
WEGoT aqua: Scaling IoT Platform for Water Management & Sustainability
WEGot aqua is a smart water metering system for buildings designed to increase water efficiency and build awareness about water consumption.
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22 days 5:54
FPL Technologies: Building On-Demand, Secure, and Scalable Serverless ML Workbenches
First Principle Labs (FPL) Technologies is on a mission to re-imagine credit cards and payments from first principles and is building a mobile-first credit card in India.
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9 days 1:43
Introducing Next Generation SageMaker Notebooks | Amazon Web Services
Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks give ML practitioners a fully managed notebook experience to support end-to-end ML model development from data exploration to deployment.
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11 days 1:29
Build industry skills with AWS Industry Quest | Amazon Web Services
AWS Industry Quest is an interactive, game-based learning experience to help individuals and organizations develop the skills they need to build solutions for common use cases in their industry.
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17 days 6:59
MyHeritage: Handling the Deep Nostalgia Virality, Scaling GPU Spot Instances Using Multi-Region
MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia™ is a video reenactment technology that animates the faces in still photos and creates high-quality, realistic video.
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29 days 10:56
SecurityTalks: Architecture Design Best Practices | Amazon Web Services
Learn more about architecture design best practices from the Global Security & Compliance Accelerations Program's solutions architect, Ronald Rodriguez and how the AWS's Shared Responsibility Model
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4 days 14:56
Now Go Build: An Extended Conversation about Technology and Sports | Amazon Web Services
View the full Now Go Build Playlist: Amazon CTO, Dr.
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14 days 5:57
Back to Basics: Change Data Capture with Amazon DynamoDB
How would you capture item-level changes from DynamoDB? How do you trigger an event based on a particular item change and react to these events?
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9 days 1:24
Introducing Amazon Athena for Apache Spark | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Athena enables you to get started with interactive analytics on Apache Spark in under a second.
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11 days 1:07
Amazon QuickSight APIs for programmatic creation & management of Dashboards | Amazon Web Services
With new expanded Amazon QuickSight API capabilities, you can now programmatically create, edit and manage your QuickSight dashboards and reports.
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12 days 7:05
Introduction to the DMS Schema Conversion | Amazon Web Services
AWS introduces the Schema Conversion feature of AWS Database Migration Service.
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