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8 Apr 2009
25 days 14:47
Decrypt, inspect, and re-encrypt TLS egress traffic at scale with AWS Network Firewall
In this video, Brandon Carroll, Sr. Developer Advocate with AWS, provides an provides an overview of the recently launched AWS Network Firewall feature release TLS Egress Inspection.
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5 days 1:20
AWS Wickr | Amazon Web Services
AWS Wickr is a security-first messaging and collaboration service with features designed to help keep your communications secure, private, and compliant.
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18 days 8:54
Demo - Agents for Amazon Bedrock | Amazon Web Services
With Amazon Bedrock, you can easily build and scale generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.
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13 days 5:58
Monzo Bank: Cloud-Native Core Banking Platform built on Amazon EKS and Amazon Keyspaces
Join us in this episode of This Is My Architecture to explore Monzo Bank’s core banking platform.
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7 days 1:54
AWS Digital Classroom | Amazon Web Services
AWS Training & Certification - AWS Digital Classroom is a catalog of courses that combine the depth of live classroom training with the convenience of digital learning.
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11 days 21:56
The State of Generative AI: Where We Are, and Where We're Going | Amazon Web Services
Join AWS Enterprise Strategist Tom Godden and McKinsey Senior Partner Aamer Baig as they delve into the $2.6 to $4.4 trillion economic impact that generative AI can bring, focusing on key areas such
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20 days 5:41
Cisco: Gen-AI Architecture that Scales for Webex Application Developers
Integrating Gen-AI into applications at scales required Webex by Cisco to think differently to manage social responsibility, future use cases and responsiveness to new model development.
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23 days 15:29
Amazon Cognito: SAML federation, IdP-initiated Login, and SAML Encryption
In this video, we will review SAML federation with an Amazon Cognito user pool as well as new SAML features, such as identity provider-initiated login and SAML encryption.
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18 days 12:58
New Demo & description - Agents for Amazon Bedrock | Amazon Web Services
With Amazon Bedrock, you can easily build and scale generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.
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17 days 2:52
Wipro | Cloud Transformation Journey with AWS Enterprise Support | Amazon Web Services
Hear Wipro leaders provide insights into the journey of Wipro's Cloud Transformation, leveraging AWS Cloud and backed by the trusted support of AWS Enterprise Support.
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24 days 0:31
PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground | Generative AI fashion assistant
Amplify your creative expression using the power of #generativeAI on AWS. With PartyRock, you can learn to build apps unique to your vision for taking your inspiration from ideas to runway.
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24 days 1:30
Meta Llama 2 on Amazon Bedrock
Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes it easy to build and scale generative AI applications with high-performing foundation models.
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23 days 1:31
Amazon Neptune Analytics: Analyze Data from Large Graphs in Seconds
Amazon Neptune Analytics is a new in-memory engine for Neptune that enables data analysts and application developers to perform analytics and vector similarity search on graph data.
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10 days 5:20
Back to Basics: Handling Public and Private Files on Cloud Applications
Amazon S3 is a great addition to manage files with your cloud application. Use it to decouple your application, serve public websites, keep private files private and share files securely as needed.
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25 days 5:16
Converge by Deloitte for Banking: Secure and Compliant Solutions Using Amazon Cognito and Amazon MSK
Converge by Deloitte provides secure and globally compliant banking solutions for global, regional and local banks using secure and scalable global infrastructure.
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11 days 14:54
Build the right ML search with OpenSearch Service | Amazon Web Services
In this video, you will learn the different ML search strategies from sparse search, vector search, hybrid search, multimodal search and conversational search (RAG) in OpenSearch Service.
24 days 0:48
PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground | Everyone can build AI apps
Learn generative AI fundamentals. No coding required. PartyRock makes learning easy with a hands-on, code-free app builder.
24 days 0:28
PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground | Classic problem, modern solutions
With PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground you can learn to apps that are as unique as you are and share them with the world.
19 days 41:43
Transforming Asset Finance: Alfa’s Data-Driven Strategy
Join us in an enlightening session with the innovators at Alfa, as we dive deep into the strategic integration of data analytics in asset management software.
6 days 6:23
T-Mobile: Building a Resilient and Horizontally Scalable Commerce Platform with Kinesis and DynamoDB
T-Mobile USA is a telecommunications company with millions of prepaid and postpaid customers, pursued customer centric , digital first goal with stability, scalability, and security as its core
20 days 1:37
Anthropic's Claude on Amazon Bedrock | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes it easy to build and scale generative AI applications with high-performing foundation models, like Anthropic's Claude model.
17 days 13:25
AWS CloudOps Partner Thought Leader Series - Mission Cloud | Amazon Web Services
In this thought leadership video series, the AWS Cloud Operations partner team hosts a select group of CloudOps Competency Partners to explore the latest industry trends.
18 days 4:53
Back to Basics: DataLake as a GraphQL API
In this episode, join Venugopalan as he walks you through exposing your existing data lake solution as a self-documented GraphQL API.
26 days 8:55
Amazon CloudFront unified security dashboard | Amazon Web Services
In this video, Jonathan Woods, a Solution Architect with AWS, walks us through the new Amazon CloudFront security dashboard which provides customers with a unified experience by bringing AWS WAF
6 days 11:43
ANWB develops AI solutions on AWS (Technical) - Cloud Adventures | Amazon Web Services
ANWB explains how they leverage Amazon SageMaker to build a scalable and easy to use MLOps platform. Sr.
24 days 0:31
PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground | Get cooking with generative AI
With #PartyRockPlayground, learning to build with #generativeAI can be as easy as apple pie, or cherry pie, or pineapple cobbler… Whatever you want to cook up.
4 days 4:19
Back to Basics: Modernizing Legacy Applications Using a Hybrid Database Architecture
AWS Enterprise customers frequently have legacy applications that support critical business functions. This is especially common in traditional companies undergoing a Digital Transformation process.
18 days 6:42
Amazon Detective investigations for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) entities
Amazon Detective supports the ability to automatically investigate AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) entities for indicators of compromise (IoC).
25 days 4:33
Back to Basics: Must-Have Alerts for Serverless Applications
In distributed serverless applications, understanding what's slow, broken or needs attention in your functions is important to maintaining availability.
27 days 1:52
Amazon Bedrock for ISVs | Amazon Web Services
Hear Atul Deo explain how AWS helps software leaders fuel the next wave of product innovation through generative AI.
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