OGAE LUX Eurovision Gala 2015: Nadine Beiler Interview (2015-10-31)

Published on 30 Sep 2016, 13:24
The Annual Eurovision Galanight organised by members of OGAE Luxembourg took place on Saturday, 31 October 2015 in Mondorf les Bains, Luxembourg with the participation of many Eurovision artists such as Eurovision Winner Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy 1964 & 1974, the winner Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Baccara (Luxembourg 1978), Nadine Beiler (Austria 2011), Sestre (Slovenia 2002), Andras Kallay-Saunders (Hungary 2014) just to mention a few. Amongst the guests was also Austria's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - Nadine Beiler. The Eurovision Song Contest came from Duesseldorf, Germany and Nadine Beiler reached Number 18 in the Grand Final with the song "The Secret is Love".

In the clip watch the interview that JP of www.radiointernational.tv did with Nadine Beiler who represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.The interview was done during the rehearsal afternoon of the event.

Enjoy watching this interview.