KYLE - Kyle's Three Thoughts on Internet Gaming

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Published on 20 Jun 2018, 16:00
KYLE's Three Thoughts on Internet Gaming

Some artists have a knack for natural entertainment. While his music is marked by serious craft and real-deal inspiration, KYLE is one of ‘em. The 25-year old SoCal MC can put a smile on everyone’s face when he shifts into high gear, and for the last couple of years, he’s been busy winning more and more fans. After a handful of clever mixtapes and indie albums such as ‘Smyle,’ he connected with Lil Yachty for amusing “I Spy” and turned a big corner. The track was a Spotify smash and the hilarious video earned itself tons of views. His ‘Light of Mine’ album is on the Atlantic label, and it has features from Kehlani, Khalid and Alessia Cara. Make sure you check the clever vid for “Playinwitme,” which harks to the ‘60s classic ‘The Dating Game.’ Speaking of games, we had KYLE come and ‘splain his thoughts on video games. “Gaming protected my mind when I could have been sad or depressed or upset or mad about my situation,” he says. “It gave me a little relaxation and down-time. When someone listens to my music I want to take them to a different world, the same way I was transported to a different world the first time I popped in ‘Zelda.’”

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez
Director: Micah Bickham

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