Manizha - Russian Woman Halloween - Music Video ๐ŸŽƒ ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ

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Published on 28 Oct 2021, 9:00
Manizha from Russia has made a special treat for you this Halloween. Here is the music video of 'Russian Woman Halloween'.



Directed by Sher Khamraev @sherkhamraev
Screenplay, Idea by Sher Khamraev & Andrey Shchedrovich @burgerandreich
Produced by Andrey Shchedrovich & Sher Khamraev & Nadin Usmanova @najibochka
DOP Maxim Dolinin @Dolinin_maksim
Gaffer Yuriy Fokin @nemonowhere
Chief electrician Alexander Romanov @actor_alexander_romanov

PostProduction Producer Yaroslav Simakov @simakov.yr
Edited by Andrey Shchedrovich & Yaroslav Simakov
SFX by Igor Gryadov @animaster2, Mikhail Semenov @mishanya_s_ushkami, Mudrak Evgeny @kinodel_king
Color Correction by Ekaterina Motina @ekaterina_motina.colorist
Sound Design by Arthur Shadrin @arturshadrin88 & Evgeny Grishin

Stunt ะกoordinator: Akimov Petr @akimov_pp
Stunt performers:
Nino Deysadze @ninodeys
Dmitry Galkin @dmitrii.diesel
Stunt rigger: Anatoly Dymov @anatolydymovstunt

Special Thanks: Aleksey Postnov @alx_postnov
Yuriy Postnov @yrnpostnov, Maria Safronova @mariasafronova425, Svyatoslav Kozin @neschastje, Bakhovaddin Sanginov @bakha_s12, Akmal Usmanov @akmal5825

Music Produced by Daniil Drazhnikov @daniil.drazhnikov
Pavel Tolstoy @papa_baobab, Evgeniy Sukhotin @evgeniusssss
Mixed by Valery Badyanov

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