Anaïs Mitchell - two live performances (2019)

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Published on 29 Jan 2022, 3:00
Anaïs Mitchell released her new, self-titled album today. In honor of that, here are two performances by Anaïs Mitchell, recorded live with the Live From Here gang in 2019; the first performance was recorded in St. Louis, Mo., in May of that year, and the second was recorded at the Town Hall in New York City in November.

0:00 "Wedding Song"
2:37 "Morning Glory"

Anaïs Mitchell – guitar and vocals
Chris Thile – mandolin and backing vocals
Alex Hargreaves – fiddle
"Wedding Song"
Gabriel Kahane – piano
Chris Eldridge – guitar
Alan Hampton – bass
Josh Dion – percussion
"Morning Glory"
Mike Elizondo – bass
Armand Hirsch – guitar
Jon Cowherd – keys
Eric Doob – percussion

Video & Photo: Ben Miller; American Public Media
Audio: Sam Hudson; American Public Media
Production: Tom Campbell; Jeffy Hnilicka; American Public Media

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