Alchemia - Grind

Published on 7 Jul 2022, 10:00
Alchemia's official music video for "Grind"

Directed by Caxao Produtora
Recorded by XTudo Obze and Leo Chuck
Produced by Caxao Produtora, Coveiro Maldito and Jota Rugal
Scripted by Victor Hugo Piiroja and Meinside
Edited by Xtudo Obze
Lightning by Jota Rugal
Makeup by Meinside
Costume Design by Coveiro Maldito and Meinside


Hey you
I’m calling your whispers
Cos I’m dying
Can you
Try to erase me from all this

Hey you
I’m walking around me
Don’t mind me
Can you
Try to deliver my soul first

I blame myself
For all the shame
I left myself
Alone with me

I never saw this
I never bought it
Just being everyday
Surviving from my pain

Pushed until the grind
Looking the will to find
Give me my life back
I need my life back


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