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Published on 5 Aug 2022, 17:00
Rosa Linn talks to presenter Steve Holden about the success of her viral Eurovision hit Snap.

00:00 - Rosa Linn interview with
00:24 - "Eurovision is one of the most tender, warm memories I have..."
02:00 - Snap (Acoustic Performance - full version:
03:27 - Rosa Linn shows off 'zero summer vibes' Santa mug
04:49 - 'I'd imagine the details in my carpet were audience members far away..."
06:00 - New album and new single details

@rosalinn took Armenia to an 11th Grand Final this May with the song, and now she’s enjoying life beyond the Eurovision Song Contest as her song ‘Snap’ becomes a viral summer sensation, whizzing up charts all over the globe.

‘Team Snap’ has revealed that the song has gained 4.2 million new listeners on Spotify, culminating in over 23 million streams, with a huge chunk of that audience originating in the United States of America, thanks in no small part to Snap’s success on TikTok and social media.

Presenter: Steve Holden
Editor: Eduardo Lobo

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