JP’s Golden Years - 106 (2022-09-17)

Published on 16 Sep 2022, 20:15

Enjoy this two hour oldies show presented by JP from Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience. The music is based on the UK charts from across the decades from the 50s to the 2010s hosted by JP. All kinds of music is possible and also your requests are welcome.
The 106th edition of JP's Golden Years show aired on Saturday, 17 September 2022 from 1700 - 1900 hours CET (1600 - 1800 hours UKT) via South Norfolk Radio in the United Kingdom - click here to listen.  The show airs also on other stations: Switch Radio Derbyshire, Venture Radio,  Bristol's BSR in the United Kingdom as well as on Go Go Radio Gibraltar. Details of broadcast times are below.  But also a copy of the show is available on this website and uploaded to the the Radio International PODCAST server with this appearing in Spotify, Itunes, and various other podcast providers. More details to come here.
Broadcast Times of JP's Golden Years: Saturdays South Norfolk Radio 1700 to 1900 hours CET - click to listenVenture Radio 0700 - 0900 hours CET
SundaysBradley Stoke Radio1200 to 1400 hours CET - click to listen
MondaysSwitch Radio Derbyshire 1200 to 1400 hours CET - click here to listen
TuesdaysSwitch Radio Essex 0000 to 0200 hours CET - click here to listen
WednesdaysVenture Radio 1700 - 1900 hours CETGoGoRadio Gibraltar 2200 - 2359 hours CET - click to listen
We would be delighted to receive your request, dedications and comments via email to JP's Golden Years - click here
This week's Show Page is available here including the Play List - click here
Programme Segments are:
The Mad Half Hour to get you into the mood for the music of our life
The Best of Europop
A TV Theme Tune or Radio Theme Tune to remember
Three UK Top 20 Best-Selling Singles Charts from September of 1988, 1991 and 2004
The Show is available at:
South Norfolk Radio, United Kingdom (Saturdays 1700 - 1900 hours CET)
Venture Radio, United Kingdom (Saturdays 0700 - 0900 hours CET)
Venture Radio, United Kingdom (Wednesdays 1700 - 1900 hours CET)
Switch Radio Derbyshire, United Kingdom (Mondays 1200 - 1400 hours CET)
Switch Radio Essex, United Kingdom (Tuesdays 0000 to 0200 hours CET)
Go Go Radio Gibraltar (Wednesdays from 2200 - 2359 hours CET)
Bradley Stoke Radio FM103.4 (Sundays from 1200 - 1400 hours CET)
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Mixcloud Channel of Radio International
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