Next Life // Pomplamoose ft. J.E. Sunde

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Published on 20 Sep 2022, 15:00
This is an oddly inspirational culty song, and I LOVE IT. Tour starts in just over a week! Seattle is SOLD OUT, but you can get tickets for Portland, New York, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco at

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"Next Life" is an original song by Nataly Dawn, J.E. Sunde & Pomplamoose.

Lead Vocals: Nataly Dawn & J.E. Sunde
Keys: Jack Conte
Guitar: John Schroeder
Bass: Nick Campbell
Drums: Ben Rose
Trombone: Vikram Devasthali
Clarinet: Dan Reckard
Flugelhorn: Matt Rubin

Engineer: Bill Mims
Assistant Engineer: Alex Miller
2nd Assistant: Jack Corbett
Mix/Master: Caleb Parker
Producer: John Schroeder

Director: Dom Fera
AD: Michael Kiaunis
DP: Austin Hughes
Cam Op: Nate Cuboi
Gaffer: Nash White
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Bourne
Video Editor/Colorist: Dominic Mercurio

Recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

Wild heart, standing desk
Great explorer, undersexed
You’ll while away
Till you get jealous
But your next life begins

Drugs aren’t drugs
They’re like freckled hugs
For your brain
Clearly I’ve never done drugs
But I’m wide awake
On my second dose
And my next life begins

On this day we wake up
Stretch our aching body
Toward the glorious unattempted feat
We forgot to put on our calendar

And on this day we lay to rest
The darling girl who did her best
She dreamed within the parameters
Till the dreamer shook her awake

So look beyond and reach again
Unleash your bonds, baptize your friends
The future’s bright as a baby’s eyes
And your next life begins
Your next life begins
Oh your next life begins