Gods Gift - Discipline

Published on 18 Sep 2023, 15:10

Play Loud! will release the entire recordings of the Manchester post-punk band Gods Gift (1979-1985), some for the first time ever. In heavy rotation at the BBC in the early 80s. Mark E. Smith was a fan too. Gods Gift guitar player Steve Murphy compiled 11 songs for what will be their first LP ever. Includes DVD (NTSC, region-free) with a live show in Rotterdam and extensive liner notes plus a postcard.

"Gods Gift were around when lots of Manchester groups were gaining fame and fortune. Manchester spawned a bleak soundtrack for the music loving youth of the time. The Gothic catacombs were the breeding place of much anger and consternation. Some groups wanted to be amusing, some wanted to be arty, some wanted to be doom-laden, but most wanted to be famous. Gods Gift wanted to shout their rage and hatred at a world that wasn't listening to anything as irrelevant as people...The songs on this new album were a long time in the making. They are angry songs and anti- everything. The entire back catalog of Gods Gift songs and a video will be available as digital downloads very soon through the German outlet play loud! They are priceless jewels from a group that cared and mattered. Buy them, listen to them as loud as you can and go out and demand to be heard!" --Steve Murphy, June 2023

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