Killer Mike – MOTHERLESS (live for The Current)

Published on 19 Sep 2023, 2:00
Twenty years into a hip-hop career that includes 10 years as part of the acclaimed group Run The Jewels, Killer Mike has released the solo album, "Michael," (available on @LomaVistaRecs) so that people would get to know the more personal side of Michael Render, “that little nine-year-old boy on the album cover with the horns and the halo and the buck teeth and the smile.”

From a session recorded live in The Current studio, watch Killer Mike and the Midnight Revival Choir perform "MOTHERLESS" from the album.

You can also watch Killer Mike's full interview with The Current's Jill Riley here:

Killer Mike (Michael Render) - MC
DJ Trackstar - DJ
The Midnight Revival Choir:
Jordan Minter
Adonica Nonwood
Alicia Peters Jordan
Kenya Shelton
Troy Durden

Guest – @KillerMikeGTO
Host – Jill Riley
Producer – Derrick Stevens
Video Director – Erik Stromstad
Camera Operator – Micah Kopecky
Audio – Cameron Wiley, Josh Sauvageau
Graphics – Natalia Toledo
Digital Producer – Luke Taylor

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