Irish Winners' Tour 2012: Interview with Dana (Winner 1970, Ireland)

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Published on 25 Oct 2012, 9:33
Savee Entertainment presented the Irish Winners' Tour 2012 which toured through the Republic of Ireland at the end of October. The Team of Radio International caught up with the Winners Tour in the University Concert Hall of the Limerick University. Then the concert was a truely amazing event featuring five of the six Irish Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Dana, Johnny Logan, Linda Martin, Paul Harrington with Charlie McGettigan and Niamh Kavanagh taking the audience a trip down Eurovision Memory Lane. But before the show the Team of Radio International had the great honour and pleasure to meet and interview the very first Irish Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest - DANA who in 1970 won the contest in Amsterdam's Rai Congress Centre with the song "All kinds of everything". Dana tells us the story of her way to Eurovision and the involvment in the Irish politics and her great memories in the music buisness. Dana released some 30 singles and 30 albums over the years and has stood for election for the President of the Republic of Ireland.

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