28 Jun 2008
160 days 2:47
Island in the Sun | @weezer Cover by Magaziine ft. Sara Niemietz & Moira Mack
Hip hip for this cover of Island in the Sun, because I really did feel transported to an island beach somewhere with an umbrella in my fancy fruity drink.
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174 days 2:33
A very important album update from Pomplamoose
Three things: 1. We’re making an album 2. You can witness the creation of this album on Instagram @pomplamoosemusic 3. We love you.
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182 days 0:26
We’re on Ted Lasso TONIGHT!!!
Pomplamoose – 22 Mar 2023, 17:19
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202 days 3:17
golden hour | @JVKE Cover by Magaziine ft. Erin Bentlage, Anilee List, and Beane
This cover of JVKE’s "golden hour" really does have all the qualities of real life golden Hours. The harmonies by Erin, Anilee, and Beane are so incredibly tight without feeling forced.
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203 days 0:55
A Little Baby Reharm
Pomplamoose – 1 Mar 2023, 19:07
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216 days 3:47
​@MileyCyrus Flowers / @brunomars When I Was Your Man MASHUP ft. Sara Niemietz & Moira Mack
Flowers x When I was Your Man?! It’s the mashup we have all been hoping for!
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224 days 0:59
How I write demos
My demos are very...sparse. They contain MOSTLY melodies and not a lot of harmonic information. For this song, I wrote a vocal melody, a bass line and a guitar line.
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230 days 2:51
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards | @TameImpala Cover by Magaziine ft. Astyn Turr
The song says we’re going backwards, but the beat and singing in this song push it forward so much more!
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238 days 1:01
Peter making a groove out of Marcel Duchamp might be the best idea of the day.
You can see a lot more behind the scenes clips over on our instagram! instagram.com/pomplamoosemusic
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244 days 3:56
Free Fallin’ | @tompetty | Cover by Magaziine ft. Arielle Kasnetz & Ebony Loren
The driven synth and drums from Swatty, Will, Jack, and Roberto gives the song motivation and movement and it contrasts SO PERFECTLY with the gentle but powerful vocals from Arielle and Ebony
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252 days 0:57
We’re making a French album!!!
Happy New Year everybodyyyy!!! Here’s some behind the scenes footage of our first session. We’re working on a French record this year.
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258 days 3:28
Over the Moon // Nataly Dawn of POMPLAMOOSE
Jack bought me a baritone ukulele, and this is the first song I wrote on it. A little love song about our early years in San Francisco. It’s on my record, Gardenview, now available in all the places!
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272 days 4:01
Magic by @coldplay | Cover by Magaziine ft. Anilee List, Erin Bentlage, and Julia Gartha
The impeccable vocal harmonies of Anilee, Erin, and Julia are true Magic in this Magaziine Cover of a great Coldplay song. This arrangement was made by the vocalists and they executed it flawlessly!
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279 days 3:54
Cry Me a River - @JustinTimberlake | Cover by Magaziine ft. Arielle Kasnetz and Ebony Loren
Covers that feel even more emotional than the originals are rapidly becoming a hallmark of Magaziine and this week is certainly no exception.
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286 days 3:59
Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks | Cover by Magaziine ft. Anilee List, Erin Bentlage, & Julia Gartha
After 40 or more years, it might be safe to assume that all versions and imaginations of songs may already have happened.
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293 days 2:53
Frank Ocean Synth Cover - Pink + White ft. India Carney, Astyn Turrentine, and Christine Noel
In Magaziine’s cover of Pink + White, there’s an a capella section of India Carney, Astyn Turrentine, and Christine Smit that is a truly magical moment.
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299 days 5:04
Daft Punk - Pentatonix // POMPLAMOOSE
It’s a cover of a mashup of a cover!!!
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307 days 3:26
Technologic // Daft Punk // POMPLAMOOSE
80’s aerobics home video on psychedelics. Presenting: “Technologic” from the new “Daft Pomp” record, now available in all the places + LIMITED VINYL at pomplamoose.com OH YEAH.
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314 days 4:01
Make Love // Daft Punk // Pomplamoose
All of our Daft Punk covers are now on one Daft Pomp album. Also there is vinyl. It’s very exciting.
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321 day 4:00
Best Part – @DanielCaesar | Cover by Magaziine ft. Arielle Kasnetz & Anilee List
The responsive LED light keyboard visualizers are custom built by Jim Wheaton.
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328 days 3:10
90s Synth Cover by Magaziine ft. Astyn Turr & Christine Noel
This video may as well be a tribute to Dave Smith, may he rest in peace. I’m playing a Prophet 6, Karina is playing an OB-6, and Will is playing a Prophet 8.
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335 days 7:10
What is Love | Haddaway cover by Magaziine ft. Arielle Kasnetz & Anilee List
The Pomplamoose team and I have been working on this band for 6 months now. To learn more about why we’re creating Magaziine, just watch the vlog at the end of the video!
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342 days 2:05
We’re on the GRAMMY® ballot!!!!!!
Some pretty fun news for you all! GRAMMY® voting starts today, and “Gardenview” is on the ballot!!!
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344 days 3:54
Won't Know Yet // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Nahneen Kula
Yes. YES. All I can say is YES!!! This video. This SONG. Nahneen Kula is a goddess and I want to come back in my next life as her.
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351 day 4:18
Why Would You Do That // POMPLAMOOSE ft. J.E. Sunde
These harmonies make me very happy.
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358 days 3:42
Hide and Seek // Imogen Heap // Pomplamoose ft. Bella Porter
Bella Porter is an incredible singer/songwriter. She will be opening on my tour, which starts THIS WEEK!!! If you don’t have tickets yet: NatalyDawnMusic.com.
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365 days 3:15
Next Life // Pomplamoose ft. J.E. Sunde
This is an oddly inspirational culty song, and I LOVE IT. Tour starts in just over a week!
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08.09.22 2:25
This Bass Line // Auntie Trap // Pomplamoose Ft. Loren Battley
Click to see Nataly on tour! Loren Battley. Singer/songwriter extraordinaire. Check out her music.
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01.09.22 3:51
Every Second Day // Nataly Dawn (of POMPLAMOOSE)
Click to see Nataly on tour! John’s guitar part on this is really attractive. It’s a very attractive guitar part.
70 257
30.08.22 1:01
Nataly’s playin’ showwssss!!!
Click to see Nataly on tour! Woot!!! The tour starts in about a month! Tickets at natalydawnmusic.com Hope to see you there, because it’s weird that we only ever see each other on the internet.
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