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26 Jul 2006
4 days 11:34
MG4 vs Cupra Born review – what's the BEST small electric car? | What Car?
#WhatCar #CupraBorn #MG4 In this review of the MG4 and Cupra Born, we compare these two brilliant electric cars in every area. Is the staggeringly priced MG4 too good to be true?
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6 days 4:38
2023 What Car? Safety Award – what's the safest new car? | What Car?
Save thousands on your next new car with What Car? at whatcar.com/new-car-deals New videos are uploaded to What Car? each week. Don't miss a single one.
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9 days 13:32
2023 Genesis GV60 review – why it's even BETTER than an EV6! | What Car?
Watch our 2023 Genesis GV60 review to find out why this electric SUV is even better than the Kia EV6, Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Ioniq 5.
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9 days 3:21
Honda Jazz: 5 reasons why it’s our 2023 Best Small Car | What Car? | Sponsored
The Honda Jazz trumps all of its rivals for passenger space, while its unique and incredibly flexible rear seat adds to its practicality.
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9 days 3:22
MG 4 EV: 5 reasons why it’s our 2023 Best Small Electric Car | What Car? | Sponsored
Not only is the MG 4 EV staggeringly good value for money, but it features a very competitive all-electric range, fast charging, roomy rear seats and loads of standard equipment.
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9 days 3:02
BMW 4 Series: 5 reasons why it’s our 2023 Best Coupé and Best Convertible | What Car? | Sponsored
Once again, the BMW 4 Series is our Best Coupé and Best Convertible of the Year thanks to its classy interior, superb handling, great engine lineup and much more besides.
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10 days 3:14
BMW i7: 5 reasons why it won our 2023 Technology Award | What Car? | Sponsored
The BMW i7’s enormous Theatre Screen revolutionises on-the-go entertainment, while its class-leading interior, sumptuous quality and superb ride and handling work together to earn it a total of
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10 days 13:24
NEW VW ID Buzz review – why it's the best electric car | What Car?
In this new VW ID Buzz review, we explain why this brilliant new electric car is our Car of the Year 2023 CHAPTERS 00:00 What is the ID Buzz?
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11 days 10:35
NEW VW T-Roc review – why this is one of the best SUVs | What Car?
#VW #TROC #WHATCAR? New look, new interior – in this new VW T-Roc review we explain how a facelift makes a great SUV even better. Save thousands on your next new car with What Car?
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23 days 8:21
NEW Honda Civic review – why it's a BRILLIANT hybrid | What Car?
#WhatCar #HondaCivic #VWGolf #toyotacorolla In this new Honda Civic review, we take a look at how a RADICAL makeover has made this one of the most impressive new cars around.
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30 days 8:06
NEW Toyota Aygo X review – the best small car? | What Car?
#Toyota #ToyotaAygo #ToyotaAygoX #WhatCar Save thousands on your next new car with What Car?
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38 days 8:01
We swapped the WORN tyres on our RS3 for a NEW set and THIS is what happened | What Car?
In our Audi RS3 tyre review, we swap a heavily worn set for some brand new rubber to find out the effects on braking, acceleration and handling. The results will shock you.
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44 days 9:05
NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 review – ALL changes in detail | What Car?
#Ioniq5 #KIAEV6 #GenesisGV60 #Whatcar The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has already had some big changes. Watch to find out what they are, and why it’s happened.
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45 days 2:51
Ford wins big in the 2023 What Car? Van Awards: how 3 vans took 5 trophies | What Car? | Sponsored
It’s fair to say that Ford cleaned up at this year’s What Car?
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48 days 15:39
NEW Range Rover review – really the best SUV? Off-road battle & DRAG RACE! | What Car?
#WhatCar #RangeRover #GClass #iX In this new Range Rover review we look at how it compares to the Mercedes G-Class and BMW iX in every area PLUS we take them off-road and uphill for a drag race.
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51 day 8:47
NEW VW Amarok review – has Volkswagen RUINED its pickup truck? | What Car?
In our new VW Amarok review, we drive the latest model for the first time. Is it a great buy? Or has Volkswagen ruined its famous pickup truck?
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55 days 5:35
Volkswagen ID. Buzz & HIGH-TECH floor tiles – what do they share in common? | What Car? | Promoted
Available as a family-friendly five-seater or a hard-working panel van, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.
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66 days 8:09
Audi R8 vs Audi RS3 vs Audi TT RS – are these the best Audis you'll NEVER buy?? | What Car?
#WhatCar #AudiR8 #AudiRS3 #AudiTTRS Meet the Audi R8 GT RWD, the Audi RS3 Performance Edition and the Audi TT RS Iconic Edition. They might be the three best Audis that you'll never buy.
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67 days 5:07
New Nissan ARIYA: how timeless design is shaping an electric future | What Car? | Promoted
The all-electric New Nissan ARIYA marks the dawn of a new era for Nissan: influenced by timeless Japanese design philosophies, and looking squarely towards a more sustainable future.
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68 days 9:00
NEW Peugeot 408 review – best Peugeot ever? | What Car?
#WhatCar #Peugeot #408 In this new Peugeot 408 review, we find out if Peugeot’s new SUV/Estate/Coupe is a match for the Citroen C5X. Save thousands on your next new car with What Car?
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75 days 12:23
What this new electric car from China is REALLY like – Ora Funky Cat review | What Car?
#WhatCar #OraFunkyCat #EVReview In this new Ora Funky Cat review, we find out if this electric car from China can really shake up the European EV market.
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76 days 8:02
Ford e-Transit review with Edd China – why it's our Van of the Year 2023 | What Car?
#WhatCar #FordTransit #EddChina In this Ford e-Transit review, Edd China explains why this electric van has beaten all the competition to become our Van of the Year 2022.
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79 days 10:09
DRAG RACE: Best CHEAP electric cars – every £30k EV tested | What Car?
#WhatCar #BestElectricCar #DragRace What is the best cheap electric car you can buy? We run through all the options available for a budget of £30,000, DRAG RACE them, and name an overall winner.
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85 days 10:48
NEW BMW 7 Series review – fully electric i7 DRIVEN! | What Car?
Watch our new BMW 7 Series review to find out if the fully electric i7 is the ultimate luxury car. #whatcar #BMW #7series Save thousands on your next new car with What Car? at whatcar.
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86 days 9:24
NEW MG5 review – best electric car ever? | What Car?
#WhatCar #MG5 #electriccars In this new MG5 review we look at whether one of the best-value electric cars just got even better.
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89 days 13:28
Electric Vs Petrol Car – Which Is Really Cheaper?? | What Car?
Is an electric car REALLY cheaper to run than a petrol car? Doug Revolta and Will Nightingale do two road trips to reveal a SURPRISING outcome.
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94 days 4:31
A weekend living with the Nissan Qashqai e-POWER | What Car? | Promoted
We gave the new Nissan Qashqai e-POWER to a young family from Birmingham for a weekend to test each of its family-friendly features, along with its unique electrified powertrain.
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95 days 8:02
NEW BMW 3 Series review – reborn or ruined?! | What Car?
#WhatCar #BMW #3Series The new BMW 3 Series has just had a facelift. But what's new and is it any good? Watch to find out. Save thousands on your next new car with What Car?
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98 days 6:29
Volkswagen ID. Buzz & Rapanui t-shirts: where style meets sustainability | What Car? | Promoted
Available as a family-friendly five-seater or a hard-working panel van, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.
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