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9 Nov 2007
4 days 3:24
Now in Android: 76 - Webkit, Compose Compiler, Play Console update, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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6 days 11:56
Fundamentals of Compose Layouts and Modifiers - MAD Skills
In this video of Compose Layouts and Modifiers, Simona will talk about the fundamentals - how Layouts and Modifiers work together, what out-of-the-box APIs are offered, and how to style your UI.
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6 days 1:09
Introduction to Compose Layouts and Modifiers - MAD Skills
In this MAD Skills series, we’ll be covering Compose Layouts - components that lay out UI elements and Modifiers - which change the appearance and behavior of composables.
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17 days 3:20
Android Developer Story: Empowering the world to design with Canva on Google Play
Canva is a global app that makes it easy for everyone to create professional designs and to share or print them.
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18 days 5:26
Now in Android: 75 - Android Studio Electric Eel, Architecture, Kotlin Multiplatform, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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24 days 8:22
What's new in Android Studio - Electric Eel
Android Studio Electric Eel is now available for download on the stable channel.
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30 days 4:22
CameraX concepts
In this video, we’ll take a look at the CameraX Jetpack library, which is the easiest way to add rich camera functionality to your Android application.
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38 days 4:15
Optimize paywall conversion - App growth
Subscription paywalls are often treated as one-off product feature: something developed, shipped and then forgotten.
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2022 Android recap #Shorts
Android development in 2022 featured new updates and announcements. From the new features in Jetpack Compose, Android 13 launch, Compose for Wear OS, and much more!
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Animating your Android apps has never been easier than this! #Shorts
5 quick animations to make your Compose app stand out → Compose animation → Compose animation cheat sheet →
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45 days 6:16
Now in Android: 74 - Android 13 for TV, Compose for Wear OS 1.1, Privacy Sandbox Beta, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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45 days 0:50
4 ways to debug your composable using Layout Inspector #Shorts
Inspect Compose using Layout Inspector → Performance best practices for Jetpack Compose → More performance tips for Jetpack Compose →
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46 days 10:54
Introduction to FLEDGE
An in-depth walkthrough of a sample app using the FLEDGE API, a component of the Privacy Sandbox on Android.
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46 days 0:58
Bring in your Views in Compose with AndroidView #Shorts
Views in Compose → Interoperability APIs → Subscribe to Android Developers → #AndroidShortTip #JetpackCompose
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46 days 4:02
Engage with push notifications - App growth
For many apps, chances are that a user won’t return after their first session. Therefore, the first few days are your big chance to drive engagement.
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47 days 10:41
Introduction to the Attribution Reporting API
The Attribution Reporting API is designed to provide improved user privacy by removing reliance on cross-party user identifiers, and to support key use cases for attribution and conversion
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Manage your Compose dependency easily with Compose BOM #Shorts
Compose BOM FAQ → Compose BOM to library version mapping → Subscribe to Android Developers → #AndroidShortTip
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51 day 2:25
Android developers: a big thank you for a great ‘22!
This past year was a special one for the Android community, from the release of Android 13, a big investment in tablets and large screens, the latest in wearable technology to all of the investments
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#WeArePlay | Anshul, Meet and Harsh | Stamurai | India
Meet Anshul, Meet and Harsh from Delhi, India. They founded Stamurai Speech Therapy to help thousands of people around the world with speech disorders.
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Embrace hybrid monetization - App growth
Relying on a single way of monetizing your app – using only subscriptions or in-app purchases – could mean you miss -out on revenue.
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Make the switch to Jetpack Compose #Shorts
Learn more with the Jetpack Compose for Android Developers course → Subscribe to Android Developers → #composecamp
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Build your first Android app #Shorts
Ever wondered how apps on your Android phone are made? Learn how with the Android Basics with Compose course which is geared towards beginners, including those who have never programmed before!
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66 days 4:09
Boost user activation and commitment - App growth
The average app loses 77% of new users within three days of install. Meaning that many users don’t make it far enough to experience an app’s full value proposition before churning. Want to avoid this?
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68 days 3:15
Improve user onboarding for Google Play
Is your app behaving like a leaky bucket? Do you keep pumping money into user acquisition but find that you’re not growing your overall user base or revenue?
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69 days 4:32
Google Play coffee break with Creatrip
In the latest episode of Google Play Coffee Breaks, Haemin Yim from Korean app Creatrip sat down with Aditya Swamy from Google Play, to discuss setting up for global reach from launch, the shifting
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75 days 7:55
Google Play games for PC - Android Game Dev Show
In this episode of the Android Game Dev Show, Patrick discusses the brand new form factor for Android games.
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Migrate your apps to Android 13
Each new release of Android comes with platform behavior changes that your app needs to account for; some of these changes apply only when you target the new SDK version, while others — mostly
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79 days 3:57
Tips for a great Health Connect integration
Easily read and write data to Health Connect without the need to write a separate implementation for testing.
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80 days 2:49
#WeArePlay | Filipe | Aoca Game Lab | Brazil
Meet Filipe from Salvador, Brazil. He co-founded Aoca Game Lab to share Brazilian culture and history with the world.
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What can make or break someone’s user experience?
Your app’s UI may look simple – just some images and buttons. But even the simplest-looking UI may pose accessibility challenges.
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