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9 Nov 2007
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Build your first Android app #Shorts
Ever wondered how apps on your Android phone are made? Learn how with the Android Basics with Compose course which is geared towards beginners, including those who have never programmed before!
4 days 4:09
Boost user activation and commitment - App growth
The average app loses 77% of new users within three days of install. Meaning that many users don’t make it far enough to experience an app’s full value proposition before churning. Want to avoid this?
7 days 3:15
Improve user onboarding for Google Play
Is your app behaving like a leaky bucket? Do you keep pumping money into user acquisition but find that you’re not growing your overall user base or revenue?
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8 days 4:32
Google Play coffee break with Creatrip
In the latest episode of Google Play Coffee Breaks, Haemin Yim from Korean app Creatrip sat down with Aditya Swamy from Google Play, to discuss setting up for global reach from launch, the shifting
13 days 7:55
Google Play games for PC - Android Game Dev Show
In this episode of the Android Game Dev Show, Patrick discusses the brand new form factor for Android games.
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14 days 18:36
Migrate your apps to Android 13
Each new release of Android comes with platform behavior changes that your app needs to account for; some of these changes apply only when you target the new SDK version, while others — mostly
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18 days 3:57
Tips for a great Health Connect integration
Easily read and write data to Health Connect without the need to write a separate implementation for testing.
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19 days 2:49
#WeArePlay | Filipe | Aoca Game Lab | Brazil
Meet Filipe from Salvador, Brazil. He co-founded Aoca Game Lab to share Brazilian culture and history with the world.
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19 days 6:43
What can make or break someone’s user experience?
Your app’s UI may look simple – just some images and buttons. But even the simplest-looking UI may pose accessibility challenges.
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19 days 5:12
Now in Android: 73 - Android Dev Summit: Platform, Now in Android on Google Play, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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20 days 11:46
Google Play PolicyBytes - Pembaruan kebijakan November 2022
Ariena, dari tim Trust & Safety untuk Google Play Indonesia, membagikan pembaruan penting dari pengumuman kebijakan Google Play bulan November 2022.
20 days 15:19
Google Play PolicyBytes - Richtlinienaktualisierung vom November 2022 (German)
Dan, Google Play Trust & Safety Regional Operations Lead in EMEA, teilt wichtige Neuigkeiten aus unseren Ankündigungen zu den Google Play-Richtlinien vom November 2022 mit.
20 days 11:20
Google Play PolicyBytes - Actualizaciones de la Política de Noviembre de 2022 (Spanish Latam)
Jessie, Strategic Partnerships Manager de Google Play, cubre nuevas políticas, actualizaciones recientes y recordatorios importantes.
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20 days 5:43
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2022 年 11 月政策更新 (Traditional Chinese)
Google Play 大中華區內容運營負責人 Sandy 將與您分享 Play 2022 年 11 月的政策更新。 請直接跳至以下內容觀看相關政策更新解答: 00:27 - 2022 年安全計畫 02:56 - 兒童與家庭:自我認證廣告 SDK 03:41 - 欺騙性廣告 04:04 - 使用者資料政策說明 04:31 - 政策實行時程 訪問 Play PolicyBytes →
20 days 10:17
Google Play PolicyBytes - Atualizações de Política de Novembro de 2022 (Portuguese-Brazil)
Gus, Gerente Regional de Operações de Trust & Safety da Google Play, fala sobre novas políticas, atualizações recentes e lembretes importantes.
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20 days 5:53
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2022 年 11 月政策更新 (Mandarin)
Google Play 大中华区内容运营负责人 Sandy 将与您分享 Play 2022 年 11 月的政策更新。 请直接跳至以下内容观看相关政策更新解答: 00:30 - 2022 年安全计划 03:01 - 儿童和家庭:自行认证的广告 SDK 03:58 - 欺骗性广告 04:12 - “用户数据”政策说明 04:37 - 政策执行时间表 访问 Play PolicyBytes →
20 days 10:15
Google Play 정책 바이트 - 2022년 11월 정책 업데이트 (Korean)
Google의 Trust & Safety Analyst인 서본양은 2022년 11월 Google Play 정책 업데이트에 대해 설명합니다.
20 days 10:44
Google Play PolicyBytes - 2022 年 11 月ポリシー アップデート(Japanese)
Google Play の 小倉 光之介 が 2022 年 11 月の Google Play ポリシーの更新について説明します。 今回紹介した内容は以下をご参照ください。 00:32 - 安全性に関する 2022 年の取り組み 03:43 - ユーザー選択型決済 07:32 - 子供とファミリー向け: 自己認定広告 SDK 08:17 - 虚偽の広告 08:55
20 days 7:59
Google Play PolicyBytes - November 2022 policy updates
Theresa, Product Marketing Manager for Android and Google Play, shares important updates from our November 2022 Google Play policy announcements.
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21 day 14:06
Demystifying attestation
Device trust is complicated but essential for modern apps. Even the best mobile developers at the largest companies rarely have the time to become experts.
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21 day 9:17
Supporting BLE Audio in your voice communication applications
Android 13 introduces support for BLE Audio hearables and within the next year hardware devices will be available in the market.
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21 day 15:52
Hardware acceleration for on-device Machine Learning
Hardware acceleration can dramatically reduce inference latency for machine learning enabled features and allow you to deliver live on-device experiences that may not be possible otherwise.
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21 day 17:39
Presenting a high-quality media experience for all users
Media experiences have a strong dependence on a variety of factors, like the device’s hardware capabilities and the properties of the media file itself, forming a complicated matrix of scenarios
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21 day 13:40
Building for a multilingual world
Learn best practices to internationalize your android app and how to implement per-app language preferences.
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21 day 12:20
Designing a high quality app with the latest Android features
The recent releases of Android have brought a totally reimagined UI that feels alive with every tap, swipe, and scroll.
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21 day 16:43
Migrating to Billing Library 5
Google Play added new subscription features in May 2022 and released Billing Library 5.
21 day 12:53
Building accessibility support for Compose
Jetpack Compose is Android’s new toolkit for building native UI. Hear what it took to build a new UI toolkit to be compatible with accessibility services.
21 day 17:46
Improving your social experience quality with Android Camera
In this session, we explore new framework innovations to improve quality, improve latency and create innovative experiences with Android Camera.
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21 day 10:42
Next up on the Privacy Sandbox
Overview of the Privacy Sandbox on Android including our plans for Beta and beyond. Learn about the new features in each Privacy Sandbox API and how to take advantage of them in your app or game.
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21 day 22:01
Platform #AskAndroid
Live panel discussion on Platform. Hear your questions answered in this live panel on media permissions, accessibility, performance class, and more!
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