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9 Nov 2007
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Tune in on March 7 for #TheAndroidShow
Join us on March 7 at 10AM PT for another episode of #TheAndroidShow!
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Fan’otations - Android Developers Backstage
In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about one of Tor’s favorite topics: Lint!
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#WeArePlay | Caitlin and Nicolas | We Spot Turtles! | Australia
Meet Caitlin from Australia and Nicolas from France. Their app @WeSpotTurtles identifies and tracks sea turtles using AI to help protect the species from extinction.
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Now in Android: 99 - Jetpack Compose, Google AI on Samsung Galaxy, Play recovery tools, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what's new and notable in the world of Android development.
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Now in Android: 98 - Gemini Pro, Google AI SDK, Google AI Studio, Cast, Rust, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, the first installment for 2024 of your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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#WeArePlay | Álvaro | Sky Alert | Mexico
Meet Álvaro from Mexico City, Mexico. His Sky Alert app provides people with life-saving warnings for earthquakes.
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Android Developer Story: HoYoverse & Netmarble unlocked the multi-lingual opportunity on Google Play
There are millions of users around the world who don’t reside in their home countries. We call them diaspora. At Google Play, we are committed to serve their language needs.
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(W)rap - Android Developers Backstage
Link to podcast → In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about some of the many things that happened this year in the world of Android development, including new
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Thank you, Android devs, for creating excellent apps, across devices in 2023!
A huge thank you for all of the excellent apps, across devices you built in 2023, from all of us on Android - we can’t wait to see what you build next year!
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Now in Android: 97 - Gemini, AICore, ML Kit, Android Studio Hedgehog, and more!
Welcome to the last Now in Android of 2023, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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#WeArePlay | Steven | Super | Indonesia
Meet Steven from Surabaya, Indonesia. His app helps rural shop owners access and sell wholesale goods affordably to their local community.
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Android Developer Story: Zee5 develops for multiple form factors in record time
Zee5 is an India-based OTT platform with over 5,00,000 hours of on-demand content and 100M+ downloads.
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Top 5 new features in Android Studio Hedgehog
In this Android Studio release, we have upgraded the IntelliJ platform to 2023.1, with features designed to improve app performance and battery life, make it easier to upgrade applications to the
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Android Developer Story: Archeland reaches more gamers with Google Play Games
For eight years, ZlongGames has never slowed down the pace of creating excellent works, and the launch of Google Play Games on PC has also helped ZlongGames' new game 'Archeland' to achieve the
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Techniques to improve your Jetpack Compose app performance
1. Keep Compose up-to-date 2. Generate a baseline profile 3. Defer phases #Featured #Android #JetpackCompose
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Enhancing Jetpack Compose app performance
In this video, Tomáš will demonstrate techniques for improving Jetpack Compose app performance through measurement, debugging, and strategic optimization.
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Safety: Play Integrity API #shorts
Learn more about how you can protect your business with the Play Integrity API. Check out → #Featured #GooglePlay #AndroidDevelopers
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Monetization: User choice billing #shorts
Learn more about user choice billing and the alternative billing APIs. Check out → #Featured #GooglePlay #AndroidDevelopers
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Quality: Android vitals #shorts
Learn more about creating the best-in-class user experiences by raising your technical quality with Android vitals. Check out → #Featured #GooglePlay #AndroidDevelopers
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Engagement: Deep links #shorts
Learn more about how deep links can help improve your app engagement. Check out → #Featured #GooglePlay #AndroidDevelopers
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Growth: Custom store listings #shorts
Learn more about how custom store listings can help grow your installs and conversions. Check out → #Featured #GooglePlay #AndroidDevelopers
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What's new in Android Studio Hedgehog
We are thrilled to announce the stable release of Android Studio Hedgehog 🦔 : The official IDE for building Android apps!
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Now in Android: 96 - New APIs for adaptive layouts, Google Play updates, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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Live Google Pay integrations on Android: Payments on Android with Google Pay and PayPal Braintree
Join Domi and Jose live, as they talk to Sarah Koop and Cory Becker about collecting payments on Android with Google Pay and PayPal Braintree.
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Spotify wins Google Play’s 2023 Best Multi-device App award
Discover how you can seamlessly switch your Spotify audio from one device to another and learn why Spotify won Google Play’s Best Multi-device App award in 2023.
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Notes from Google Play: Celebrating another year of partnership and innovation
Join Sam Bright, Vice President and General Manager of Google Play, to take a look back at some of the key tools, features, and programs released this year to help you reach your full potential and
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Now in Android: 95 - Google Play requirements, Animations in Compose, Passkeys in Android, and more!
Welcome to Now in Android, your ongoing guide to what’s new and notable in the world of Android development.
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5 must-know Google Play updates
5 big updates in 5 minutes. Learn how we are helping you grow & engage your audience, create best-in-class experiences, and level-up monetization & safety on Google Play.
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109 days 47:03
Live Google Pay integrations on Android: A detailed look at the new dynamic button
Join Domi and Jose live, as they talk to Nicholas Cowles about the new dynamic button on Google Pay. They will guide you through an integration using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.
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Android Developer Story: Bombay Play 10x their revenue after Google Play’s Indie Games Accelerator
Meet Oliver and Abhas, co-founders of Bombay Play based in Bengaluru, India. Discover how they grew their game company with the support from Google Play’s Indie Games programs.
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