Ariel McCleary

6 Mar 2011
132 days 2:24
I sing a 70s song your parents probably love
Neil Diamond crushed Cracklin' Rosie damn good, and I can't deny it. This video felt like my ~ old ~ videos (those who get it, get it). Thanks for sticking around all this time if you have!
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171 day 3:17
Mi Cafecito - Ariel McCleary (Official Music Video)
So... how much do YOU love coffee? Thanks to The Root Cafe in Lakewood, Ohio for letting us use their coffeeshop as a video-shoot location.
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228 days 4:39
People Pleaser - Ariel McCleary (Official Music Video)
Hey! this is my very first official music video, so that's pretty neat. Everyone can be a "people pleaser." Just don't forget to listen to yourself sometimes too.
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20.01.22 17:05
a funky sweater + MORE facts about my album (pt 2)
I hope you're all staying cozy and warm this winter. Or cool if it's summer for you! Comment below how you interpreted my songs on my new album! What is your favorite song?
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02.01.22 16:36
happy new year + fun facts about my new album (pt 1)
Welcome to You, Me, & Tea: a series where I sit with a hot cuppa and chat with you about a fun lil' topic. Today's is about my new album I released in November 2021!
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18.10.21 1:59
Big News
SO unexpected and ENTIRELY unplanned to run into you here in Cleveland, Ohio.
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06.09.21 4:11
Eastern Standard Time // Ariel McCleary (swing version)
UHMM IT'S BEEN A WHILE. ALMOST 1 YEAR TO BE EXACT. Stream my new single, "Eastern Standard Time" on your favorite platform now!
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27.09.20 18:57
I'm done with YouTube...
... not forever, but definitely for now.
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17.07.20 2:29
People from different countries sing "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson
This video in many months in the making and it is finally done! My friend Michael Gobiel and I put together this virtual choir during our long quarantine time in Madrid.
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26.06.20 1:04:18
June livestream (NEW link!)
Thanks to everyone who tuned in tonight! If you missed it you can play it back here, it's public and free. I appreciate your patience too, with the technical difficulties.
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26.06.20 0:21
Hey, I'm Live!
NEW LINK, PLEASE GO HERE FOR THE LIVESTREAM: Welcome to my June livestream! I do monthly livestreams. Suggest songs, ask me questions, and hang out with me.
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15.06.20 3:10
"Too Many Zooms": an original song
Someone had to say it... This quarantine's filled with TOO MANY ZOOM MEETINGS. This song was written by me and Brad.
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28.05.20 3:30
Dance Monkey (a quarantine cover)
Featuring dance monkeys Ariel, Justin (on piano!), Christina, and Morgane.
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24.05.20 10:59
HOW TO PLAY my song "Sheep": ukulele tutorial!
"Sheep" Official Lyric Video: I'm featured in Audiofemme: TAG ME in your insta covers of "Sheep" and
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23.05.20 1:17:17
"May" I do this month's Livestream here?
Welcome to my 3rd quarantine livestream!! If you missed it, it's still here for you to view publicly and comment on.
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20.05.20 3:18
Sheep - Ariel McCleary (Official Lyric Video)
This is the lyrics video for my original song "Sheep." As mentioned in audiofemme: Stream this song here, or on any of your
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09.05.20 19:00
a day in the life: quarantine edition!
Come follow me around but DON'T BE CREEPY ABOUT IT OKAY. Is this what you expected my daily life to be like? What do your quarantine days typically look like?
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04.05.20 8:38
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25.04.20 2:27
Witches (a quarantine cover)
BIG thanks to my pal Rachel Williamson for the collab on this. Making this cover with her and casting spells from quarantine was fun :) This is song is by Alice Phoebe Lou. We love you, girl.
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19.04.20 1:20:26
Oops, I'm going LIVE again!
Hi everrrrrrrryone! Tune in to my livestream here on Saturday, April 18 @ 8pm (GMT +1 time zone). Ask me anything, suggest songs, and hang out :) ~ ~ ~ Support me monthly and get personal rewards!
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18.04.20 4:10
What's Up - 4 Non Blondes (ukulele cover)
Dear viewer, Gotta squeeze the most outta this new hair.
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15.04.20 9:01
Music I really like lately 2
Adventures in quarantine, it's time for some INSPIRATION. So I dyed my hair blue and I'm sharing more music with you all. Join me with a cuppa tea!
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02.04.20 4:48
Break My Dust (a Dua Lipa // Queen mashup)
I mashed together Dua Lipa's new song "Break My Heart" and Queen's old song "Another One Bites The Dust." Did you think it was possible?
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29.03.20 1:19:11
"Let's Chill Together" Livestream!
THANK YOU for spending some time with me! I normally do a livestream every month for my patrons (access is only $5, plus you get other rewards too!
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24.03.20 8:22
You, Me, & Tea: "self-isolation" edition
An update video. I'm doing a "Let's Chill Together" LIVESTREAM on Sunday, March 29 @ 9pm (GMT +1 time). Tune in here!
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22.03.20 3:55
Lullaby Series #7: "My Cherie Amour"
Hi! Today is the last day of my Lullaby Series. I've been doing this series on my channel for the past 7 days. I uploaded 1 cover each day. If you missed any of the videos, you can watch them below.
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21.03.20 2:48
Lullaby Series #6: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
Hi! I'm doing this Lullaby Series on my channel. I am uploading 1 cover a day, every day, for at least 1 week.
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20.03.20 3:29
Lullaby Series #5: "Out Like a Light"
Hi! I'm doing this Lullaby Series on my channel. I am uploading 1 cover a day, every day, for at least 1 week.
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19.03.20 4:05
Lullaby Series #4: "And I Love Her"
Hi! I'm doing this Lullaby Series on my channel. I am uploading 1 cover a day, every day, for at least 1 week.
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18.03.20 2:11
Lullaby Series #3: "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"
Hi! I'm doing this Lullaby Series on my channel. I am uploading 1 cover a day, every day, for at least 1 week.
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