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3 Jun 2007
1 day 30:42
Reunited With My OG ZXsexR !
That's right the OG Kawasaki ZX6R from the OG days of my youtube channel, I traded it for my Miata around 2 years ago and my buddy fully rebuilt it and turned it into an absolute gem of a motorcycle.
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3 days 22:47
How Does This Even Happen ?
In San Bernardino you always come across San Bernardino activity, and today is no different while exploring some sketchy trails filled with weird stuff going on.
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7 days 20:31
What Is Going On In San Bernardino ?
From exploring back wood San Bernardino alleys, drainage ditches and creepy trails there's always something going on in San Bernardino.
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14 days 32:28
10 Weird and Unusual Facts About San Bernardino California
I compiled 10 and weird unusual facts about San Bernardino California that you may or may not have known. Some of these facts I never even knew about before more research.
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17 days 28:40
Who Is Stealing All These Cars ?
When exploring off the beaten path you never know what you're going to come across...
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34 days 17:30
What's under the bridge ?
Exploring new bridges, new areas and finding.....mystery boxes ?
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48 days 23:58
I Accidently Trespassed On A Reservation.....
When you find a hole in some bushes that lead to a random set of trails why not see where it goes ? I'm lucky the tribal po po wasn't around or i'd be in deep tips.
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51 day 27:10
I Finally Found One !
It's been a long time since we went on a hunt together. Today we crawl through San Bernardino and I find something I never found in my life yet. All kinds of gootylicious.
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70 days 23:52
If I Break Down I'm Screwed
Here I am, middle of nowhere in the desert, just me and my ZX10R. Exploring new roads i've yet to explore like a modern day steed with a 1000cc engine under my gooty.
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72 days 19:01
What's The Hurry ?
I'll tell you what the hurry is, geting on the ZX10R to get some big juicy glizzards that's what.
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80 days 23:23
WTF Did I Just Come Across ?
You never know what you'll find while aimlessly wondering under a creepy bridge. In this case I found some sack slappin action going on. Good ol San Bernardino.
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83 days 24:13
All The Way To The Tip
Airplane views on a Honda Grom. Today we explore some gootylicious views and mountain roads and go to a spot i've always been wanting to visit. CHEAH !
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94 days 18:57
I Definitely Would NOT Come Here At Night...
Exploring some sketchy San Bernardino areas that give me the heebie jeebies. You wouldn't want to be roaming around these San Bernardino areas at night..
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108 days 23:40
What Is Even Going On
Rolling through the wasteland of San Bernardino where we encounter various San Bernardino like activities while answering some random questions.
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119 days 20:05
San Bernardino PD Back At It Again
Remember the past few vids of me showing San Bernardino PD cruisers crashing all around the city well this time it got a whole lot worse...
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125 days 16:37
It Pays To Have Manners
This was the 1st time i've ever experienced anything like this happen. #motovlog #cool #food
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135 days 32:34
Let's Explore Under Creepy Bridges
Throughout the mountains of San Bernardino lies many random bridges full of mystery, lets go on a dual sport ride today and see what kind of mysteries we can find.
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142 days 21:46
The Best Wiener I've Ever Had
I never thought it was possible, but I experienced the best wiener i've ever had. I'm already feening for more.
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151 day 20:26
Don't Worry, I Can Fit
The Dr200 is BACK and we're out riding through San Bernardino to get some of the best al pastor tacos you can ever fill your gooty holster with.
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157 days 24:10
Why Is This So Weird ?!?!?
Riding a brand new MT-09 with it's alien technology is so weird to get used to.
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165 days 34:28
Almost Had To Lay Er Down Bud !
Worst thing to happen when riding someone elses heavy cruiser, roll it over wet paint and have the wheel spin out on you....The majestic ride through all of Highway 2 to Mt.
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175 days 19:32
The Legend Returns !
A day where all I was finding was some big ol juicy azz I end up finding the legend himself and he gives me a show !
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177 days 17:43
Trying My 1st Chicago Weiner
I heard some hype about Portillos Chicago dogs and found out there was one in Moreno Valley. So I adventured out on the small pecker machine to put the food to the test.
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185 days 23:00
Just Another day In San Bernardino
A recent vid of of the po po taking someone out in San Bernardino made its rounds recently on the internet and took off. I take you to where it happened and show you the details from the scene.
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195 days 13:05
My Mission For Solid Meat
Who would have thought it would be so hard to find some good meat on a Saturday morning.
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197 days 25:46
He Understood The Assignment
When you're riding with a group of mushroom tips on big bikes you gotta appreciate when the PD understand the assignment.
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200 days 28:41
They Trusted ME With Their Motorcycles
We went up to big bear California from San Bernardino and I got to experience a new MT-09 for the 1st time and I am now in love . We also get down on a Honda VFR 800 with VTEC !
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206 days 26:43
San Bernardino 4th Of July
Our 2nd annual 4th of July in San Bernardino video where we ride around the city and see what's going down !
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210 days 9:18
So About SCMM...
I have been asked a lot about another SCMM, here's what's up with that.
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218 days 15:59
There's A New Danger In San Bernardino
Not once, not twice but THREE times just this month we had SBPD total their squads in San Bernardino. With those odds you might want to keep your head on a swivel while driving through San Bernardino.
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