27 Jan 2014
8 hours 2:22
Do the Glow in the Dark Blippi Dance! | BRAND NEW Blippi Educational Dance Song
Can you do the Blippi dance? Can you do it in the dark? But the dark's so scary! Don't worry, Blippi has a glow in the dark room to dance in! Learn the Blippi dance right now!
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1 day 0:38
Blippi's Playdate at the Indoor Playground! #blippi #shorts
1-2-3 let's spin with Blippi and his new buddy at the indoor playground!
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2 days 0:31
I'm an EXCAVATOR...TOY! #blippi #shorts #pretendplay
It's TOY BLIPPI singing one of his favorite songs! Let's learn how excavators work by playing with a real life excavator TOY!
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3 days 18:52
Blippi Visits Build a Bear Workshop! Educational Videos for Kids
It’s a day of making for Blippi when he visits Build-A-Bear! Blippi will select his bear and choose all of the clothes and accessories, but not before a silly mistake ends in a big fluffy mess!
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4 days 0:18
Learn Colors in Roblox with Blippi! #blippi #shorts
Red, yellow, green, blue and purple! Learn all the colors of the rainbow with Blippi in Roblox!
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5 days 28:56
Blippi Masters a Front Kick in Taekwondo! Educational Videos for Kids
Do you know how to do karate or Taekwondo? Blippi is about to find out! Blippi visits Hwang’s Taekwondo martial arts school in Los Angeles, CA.
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6 days 0:44
Blippi's T-Rex Toy Song! #blippi #shorts #toys
It's Blippi's Dinosaur Song! But this time....with TOYS! Sing along and learn about the dino roar with Blippi!
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7 days 1:54
Blippi's Roblox Ball Pit Dino Dance Song! | Gaming Dinosaur Songs for Kids
Stomp to Blippi's brand new dino dance song! Look, it's a T-Rex stomping over!
216 207
8 days 0:41
Blippi Jumps in the RAINBOW Ball Pit at Kinderland! #blippi #shorts
How high can the different color balls bounce at Kinderland Indoor Playground?! Let's find out with Blippi!
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9 days 0:59
Can Blippi find all the dinosaurs in Roblox? #blippi #shorts #roblox
How many dinos can you find? Let's count together and ROAR every time we spot a new DINO with Blippi!
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10 days 15:13
Blippi Meets Reptile Friends at the Aquarium | Educational Videos for Kids
Blippi visits the Aquarium of Boise learning about the marine animals that call the aquarium home. Learning about animals is the best!
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11 days 0:30
Blippi Learns How to Pet a Puppy! #blippi #shorts
In this episode Blippi visits an animal shelter and teaches children the importance of caring for their pets.
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12 days 1:05:08
Blippi's Oyster Fishing Taste Test! Educational Videos for Kids
For more Blippi videos and Blippi songs be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Blippi at Timestamps: 0:00 Blippi Learns about Oyster Farming in Hawaii 13:15 MK Nature Center 25:51
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13 days 0:13
Valentine's Day Sink or Float Challenge! #shorts #blippi #valentinesday #challenge
For more Blippi videos and Blippi songs be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Blippi at Brand New Blippi Episodes Every Saturday!
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14 days 2:38
Elmo and Blippi's Garbage Truck Birthday Song! @SesameStreet Videos for Kids
Let's keep celebrating Elmo's birthday with Blippi, Meekah and Abby! Sing along with your favorite Sesame Street friends with Blippi's Garbage Truck Song! Do you like learning about garbage trucks?
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15 days 0:59
How to Make Chocolate! #blippi #shorts
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17 days 14:28
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18 days 0:47
Who can fly the HIGHEST? Science Experiments with #blippi #shorts #challenge
It's science time with Blippi! Which do you think will fly the highest? Let's test out all the items with scientist Blippi for the ultimate flying challenge!
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19 days 52:17
Blippi's NASCAR Recycling Challenge! Educational Car Videos for Kids
Let's take care of the earth! Blippi is ready to take on NASCAR and learn to recycle! Enjoy 50 minutes of cars and vehicle videos for toddlers and families!
447 897
20 days 0:27
Blippi Makes a GIANT Yummy Smoothie! #blippi #shorts
Blippi has to use a HUGE blender to make the ultimate healthy smoothie. First come the veggies, then come the fruits! A perfect healthy snack!
474 599
21 day 2:19
Blippi's Sink or Float Song | BRAND NEW Blippi Educational Science Song
Which toy can float, the monster truck or the plane? Or Will they both sink? I don't know! Find out in Blippi's brand new sink or float song! What do you think Blippi's favorite place is?
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22 days 0:57
Can Blippi Bake Bread? #shorts #blippi #learning #educational #food #eating #snacks #baking
Let's learn how to bake bread with Blippi! For more Blippi videos and Blippi songs be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Blippi at Brand New Blippi Episodes Every Saturday!
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24 days 11:06
Blippi Throws Elmo a Surprise Birthday Party! @SesameStreet Videos for Kids
Blippi visits his friends from Sesame Street! Happy Birthday Elmo! Blippi and Meekah help Abby plan a surprise birthday party for her friend Elmo.
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25 days 0:21
Surprise! Blippi Meets Elmo! #blippi #shorts #elmo
Is that who we think it is Blippi? Elmo and Abby are ready to play with Blippi and Meekah! Tune in for a very special episode with Blippi's friends from @SesameStreet!
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26 days 29:51
Blippi's Gladiator Dress Up Challenge! Educational Videos for Kids
Let's pretend play with Blippi! Journey all the way to Rome and learn how a REAL gladiator dressed but, more importantly, trained for battle! Enjoy 30 minutes of learning and curiosity with Blippi!
374 353
27 days 0:46
Blippi Plays with Friends at the Indoor Playground! #shorts #blippi
Blippi's favorite thing to do is explore the indoor playground with his buddies! Let's jump on the trampoline, go down the slide and move our bodies to stay healthy!
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28 days 2:26
Blippi's Indoor Ball Pit Playground Song | Blippi Educational Playtime Songs
What do you think Blippi's favorite place is? AN INDOOR BALLPIT PLAYGROUND! Listen to Blippi's brand new song and sing along while he goes down the slide! Lyrics: Indoor Playground! Playground!
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29 days 0:47
Blippi's a Monkey on the Swings! #blippi #shorts
Let's go to the jungle playground! Blippi learn about animals and animal sounds through pretend play! How would a monkey get off the swings? Pretend with Blippi and find out!
691 233
31 day 14:02
Blippi Makes a Yummy Pizza! Educational Videos for Kids
Pizza can be healthy too! Blippi learns how to make Italian pizza from a real pizza-maker!
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32 days 0:41
All ABOARD the Animal Train! Learn about Jobs with #Blippi #Shorts
Hop on the animal train! Let's do funny silly voices with Blippi and he learns about sounds on a real train!
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