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1 Sep 2008
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Privacy Sandbox: Creating a more private internet
It’s time to take a different approach.
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Secure passwords with biometric authentication in Chrome
Chirag Desai, Product Manager on Google Password Manager, explains how biometric authentication in Chrome’s password manager (coming soon to desktop and available in iOS) keeps you secure.
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Behind the Design | A BTS Look at the McLaren x Chrome 2023 Silverstone Livery
Style always comes with a story. Go behind the scenes to learn how the McLaren Formula 1 Team drew inspiration from their late 2000s-era Chrome livery for an all-new papaya and Chrome inspired look.
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Enjoy the best of Google in #Chrome on iOS 🔥 #Shorts
Look up @googlemaps addresses, create Google calendar events, and more, directly in Chrome on iOS, without having to switch apps.
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Chrome’s password manager is getting a makeover 💅 #Shorts
Here’s everything you need to easily manage your passwords across the web — rolling out now & coming soon.
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How to use Mono Audio
Your Chromebook has the ability to play mono audio instead of stereo. With mono audio turned on, both speakers will play the same audio.
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17.04.23 2:29
How to use Live Caption
With Live Caption on Chrome, you can automatically generate real-time captions for any media with audio on your browser.
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09.02.23 3:01
What is Protected Audience? | Privacy Sandbox
Protected Audience, formerly known as FLEDGE, is a Privacy Sandbox proposal designed to help keep your personal browsing information and app activity private while also allowing advertisers to reach
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09.02.23 2:28
What is Topics? | Privacy Sandbox
Topics is a Privacy Sandbox proposal designed to help advertisers show relevant ads without needing to see people’s browsing information. Learn more:
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09.02.23 2:35
What is Attribution Reporting? | Privacy Sandbox
Attribution Reporting is the latest proposal from the Privacy Sandbox team designed to help web and mobile apps continue to deliver the free information people around the world depend on - with the
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09.02.23 1:05
Introducing Topics | Privacy Sandbox
Introducing Topics - the latest proposal from the Privacy Sandbox team designed to keep your personal information private online while showing you content you're interested in.
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Set Google Chrome as Your Default Browser on iPhone or iPad #Shorts
If you recently got a new iPhone or iPad, set yourself up with #Chrome as your default browser to make links easier to open. Here’s how to do so on iOS: 1. Update to the latest version of Chrome. 2.
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24.10.22 1:00
Pit Stop Trivia with Jessica Smetana @ COTA | #McLaren #Chrome
Can F1 fans @ COTA keep up with the high-speed of #Chrome?
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23.10.22 0:16
Pit Stops With Lando | Lando Norris Buys Daniel Ricciardo Poster Fast With Google Chrome
It's an all-or-nothing kind of race. Watch Lando Norris use Chrome’s payment autofill to check out in record time.
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22.10.22 0:16
Pit Stops With Lando | Lando Norris Converts Miles In Seconds With Google Chrome
Google Chrome is so fast at converting miles to kilometers, Team McLaren's Lando Norris wanted to try it. In a way you'd never expect.
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21.10.22 0:16
Pit Stops With Lando | Lando Norris Fills Up The Fastest Password With Google Chrome
Team McLaren and Google Chrome are engineered for speed. Watch Lando Norris see if he can fire up Google Chrome's Password Manager as fast as a pit stop.
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21.07.22 1:01
Password Problems? | There's no place like Chrome
Where your passwords are remembered for you. There’s no place like Chrome.
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01.07.22 1:31
Better Password Habits with Google Password Manager
Google Password Manager offers an easy way to generate strong, unique passwords that you can save to your Google account.
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