7 hours 16:04
ASMR Sounds for Sleep, Sound Triggers for Tingles
This video includes relaxing ASMR sound triggers for sleep and tingles. Put on your headphones to feel ASMR sounds for tingles.
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2 days 32:57
ASMR 🌟 Unboxing a Gift 🌟 Whispered 🌟 Card, Packaging, Fabric, Crinkles
Welcome to a quietly whispered gentle unboxing ASMR 🌟 Opening a gift with crinkly paper, cardboard, tapping, Fabric smoothing and packing peanuts πŸ’œ with love always, Emma moonsparklesandwood.
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6 days 41:01
ASMR Delicate & In-Depth Facial Skin Exam
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will do an thorough exam on your facial skin. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for watching and have a relaxing time!
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9 days 34:56
ASMR πŸ“š After the Library Closed πŸ“š Painting Nails, Quiet Reading, Chatting
A quiet ASMR library video with soft speaking, quiet reading, nail painting and soft sounds πŸ’œ It's closing time at the library and everyone is gone.
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16 days 29:11
ASMR Full Body Pillow Massage 🌟 Fabric Sounds, Crinkles, Soft Speaking
Welcome to your virtual ‘pillow’ full body massage πŸ€— lots of crinkly fabric sounds with soft speaking for your peace, relaxation and sleep πŸ’œ sweet dreams my friends, goodnight 🌟 Emma Old style
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23 days 43:44
Whisper Day in the Library πŸ“š ASMR πŸ“š Typing, Phone Calls, Writing, Reading
It's Whisper day in the Library πŸ€— An ASMR Library RP whispered with book sounds, writing, typing, phone calls and reading to you πŸ’œ with love, Emma Old style 'LoFi' ASMR videos on my other channel
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26 days 57:17
ASMR Sleep Therapist VisitπŸŒ™
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I'm your sleep therapist tonight! So let me help you to fall a sleep well :D I hope you enjoy!
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28 days 19:44
ASMR Medical Assistant Will Exam You, Doctor Roleplay
In this video, a medical assistant will exam and test you in an ASMR way. Put on your headphones to feel ASMR sounds for tingles.
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30 days 31:42
ASMR Oils & Tracing Back Treatment 🌟 Hair Brushing, Cleansing & Massage
Welcome to an ASMR back tracing, scratching with oils, cleansing with exfoliating pads, hair brushing and massage 🌟 Slow and relaxing for your calm and sleep 🌟 with love, Emma This video features
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32 days 0:57
Unintentional ASMR I Hang Wallpaper for a new roleplay, No Talking
An unintentional ASMR video with another hanging wallpaper for a new roleplay. Put on your headphones to feel ASMR sounds for tingles.
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37 days 1:04:14
Iconic Triggers 🌟 ASMR 🌟 Chatty Surprise Sound Assortment 🌟 Softly Spoken & Whispered
Welcome to some old school ASMR iconic triggers πŸ€— a chatty softly spoken and whispered sound assortment video for your tingles, sleep and relaxation πŸ’œ with love, Emma Old style 'LoFi' ASMR videos
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39 days 29:48
ASMR πŸŒƒSummer Night Ear Cleaning & Massage
Hi Everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I'll give you a nice relaxing ear cleaning and ear massage at summer night.
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41 day 38:03
Unboxing a Gift 🌟 ASMR 🌟 Cardboard, Paper, Lids, Pots & Bottles
Welcome to a quiet and calm unboxing a lovely gift 🌟 If you'd like to see where it's from, this is the website futureprimitivesoap.co.uk - Use the code WHISPERS for 15% Discount.
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50 days 58:29
ASMR Rlaxing Sleep ExamπŸ’€
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you'll get a relaxing sleep exam in my sleep clinic. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for watching and have a good night sleep!
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51 day 47:16
Quietly Colouring 🌟 ASMR 🌟 Brush Pens, Mandala Meditation
Sitting quietly together and colouring in peace πŸ’œ Sweet dreams, Emma 🌟 Old style 'LoFi' ASMR videos on my other channel - @MyPurpleLife πŸ™πŸΌ Please Consider a small Monthly donation to *Whispaws
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You’re all ANGELS! Thank you πŸ’œ
WhispersRed ASMR – 3 Aug 2023, 17:20
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58 days 41:42
I Have BIG News! Please Watch THIS & How YOU Can Take Part πŸ’œ
Thank you for taking the time to watch πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ *LINKS* πŸ’œ *Main Website* whispaws.org/donate πŸ’œ Monthly or One-Off via *JustGiving* - checkout.justgiving.com/nuvlw9cepl πŸ’œ Monthly or
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61 day 19:14
ASMR Hand Movements for Sleep, Personal Attention
This ASMR for sleep includes relaxing hand movements, personal attention, plucking negative energy, and other triggers for sleep and ASMR tingles.
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62 days 25:34
ASMR Back Pampering in the Rain πŸ’œ Skin brushing, Beads, Tracing, Combing
Welcome to a relaxing back pampering session in the rain πŸ’œ Featuring beautiful Iona πŸ’œ All my love and sweet dreams, Emma Old style 'LoFi' ASMR videos on my other channel - @MyPurpleLife πŸ™πŸΌ *Thank
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65 days 41:05
What's In Nam's Bag 🌟 ASMR πŸ€—
Welcome! Just for fun πŸ€— Here is What's In Nam's Bag no.2 by way of a little 10 year celebration! HIGHLY requested 🀣 and Nam really enjoyed his tingly shopping trip.
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69 days 32:14
10 years of ASMR πŸ’œπŸ™πŸΌ
Thank you all πŸ’œ with love from me, always!
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70 days 19:58
ASMR Girl Friend Roleplay for Sleep, Taking Care of You
This ASMR girl friend roleplay includes personal attention, taking care of you, and other triggers for sleep and ASMR tingles. Put on your headphones to feel ASMR sounds for tingles.
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70 days 30:37
ASMR Relax with gentle massage care
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will help you to relax and all a sleep well with gentle massage and soft care. I hope you enjoy!
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72 days 24:56
ASMR Sleepy Ice Globe Pampering 🌟 Beauty Products, Hair Sounds, Softly Spoken
Welcome to a sleepy ice globe pampering video with different beauty products to help you get ready for sleep.
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76 days 36:47
ASMR Sleepy Satisfying Beauty Shopping Haul 🌟 Bottles, Boxes, Tapping and Water Gloops
πŸ‘’πŸ” Download June’s Journey for free now using my link: woo.ga/0xql0n Welcome to an ASMR rummage around a little shopping I did.
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78 days 1:00
Cooling You #Asmr #Shorts
Subtitle contributions are very welcome!
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79 days 40:23
A Cooling Summer Tucking In ASMR 🧊 Gentle White Noise & Soft Whispers for Sleep
Welcome to your cooling summer tucking you in video πŸ’œ featuring a layer of soft white noise, quite whispering, fabric sounds, crinkles, and lots of cooling items to help you fall asleep 🀍 Sweet
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85 days 29:39
Cosy ASMR Job Interview 🌟 Rain, Typing, Writing, Soft Speaking
Welcome to a lovely relaxing job interview on a rainy day with soft typing, soft speaking, jotting notes and a crinkly portfolio of your amazing work πŸ€— Enjoy!
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88 days 28:40
ASMR Doing Your Makeup with Wrong Tools
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will do your makeup but with wrong tools! It was fun to make this video!
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93 days 48:17
Soft Spoken Bowls Meditation for SLEEP πŸ’œ ASMR, Qi Sounds, Sleep Music, Himalayan Singing Bowls
Welcome to an ASMR softly spoken meditation for sleep with Himalayan singing bowls in A 81/4", B 7", C 8", D 9", E 11" on the front right to left.
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