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ASMR Cleaning Your Aura, Relaxation for Sleep
In this ASMR video I will clean your aura, you will be relaxed before going to sleep.
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What’s in the box? πŸ€— Find out this coming Sunday! 🌟 Happy Thanksgiving beautiful friends πŸ’•πŸ’œ #ASMR #WhisperedWicksCollection #InvizTv @inviz.tv #shorts #short
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Your ASMR Bedroom Tuck In 🌟 Pampering, Facial, Fabric Sounds, Hair Sounds
Use code WHISPERSLEEP at serv.linkster.co/r/e2aD7cpX19 for an additional discount on top of the up to 60% website discount Welcome to a sleepy tucking you in video in a bedroom specially
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5 days 26:51
ASMR Hair Sounds 🌟 Mics on the Wrists 🌟 Brushing, Scratching, Fluffy Mics
Get Surfshark VPN at surfshark.deals/whispers - Enter promo code WHISPERS for 85% off and 3 extra months for FREE! Welcome! to ASMR hair sounds with little mics on the wrists!
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ASMR Veterinarian Examines & Treats You🐱
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you're a cute little cat! I will do a checkup and treatment for you. I hope you enjoy!
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ASMR Painting Pete's Tattoos 🌟 Body Paints, Brushing, Whispers, Close Ups
Welcome to an ASMR tattoo colouring video, this time on Pete's gorgeous Mandala using some strong vibrant colours, applied with a brush 🌟 Uploaded with love!
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ASMR Gloopy Gel Mask Whisper 🌟 Mixing, Painting, Peeling on Hands
Sometimes props just aren't ready to be packed away πŸ€— Welcome to a slurpy ASMR close up whisper with the gel mask from the previous video πŸ’– It's makes lovely sounds!
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16 days 39:10
Intensely Relaxing ASMR Back Treatment 🌟 Cleanse, PEELING Mask, Cream Massage, Steam, Hair Brushing
Welcome a lovely relaxing ASMR back treatment 🌟 with hair combing, body brushing, cleansing, a rose oil peeling mask, hot cloth cleansing and a cream massage 🌟 Sweet dreams and goodnight!
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ASMR Facial Massage With Oil, Personal Attention, Relaxing Roleplay
In this ASMR video I will massage your face with oil Become a patron on Patreon πŸ‘‰ patreon.com/asmrtingleplay Other patreon.com/asmrmania Thank you!
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ASMR Palpating Your Face and ScalpπŸ‘
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will examine you by doing some palpation. I hope you enjoy!
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Satisfying ASMR Ocean Drum ✨ Tinnitus Relief, Sensory Stimulation
Whispaws Animal Sanctuary in Serbia 🐢 whispaws.org 🌟 JustGiving Fundraising Page - justgiving.com/crowdfunding/whispaws-serbia-138 @Whispaws_Rescue on Instagram and Facebook πŸ’Ž
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ASMR Back Scratch 🌟 Fabric Sounds, Soft Speaking & Hair Sounds
Welcome friends to an ASMR back scratching video with soft speaking, fabric and hair sounds 🌟 with love, Emma Whispaws Animal Sanctuary in Serbia 🐢 whispaws.org 🌟 JustGiving Fundraising
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Instant Relaxation in the ASMR Library
This ASMR video includes many different ASMR triggers for tingles Become a patron on Patreon πŸ‘‰ patreon.com/asmrtingleplay Other patreon.com/asmrmania Thank you! #asmr
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ASMR Satisfying Sand Pendulum ✨ Whispers & Close Sounds
Get Surfshark VPN at surfshark.deals/whispers - Enter promo code WHISPERS for 83% off and 3 extra months for FREE!
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ASMR Loving Hands Pamper Session πŸ’œ Skin Brushing, Liquid, Massage, Tracing
Welcome to a gentle ASMR pamper session on the hands πŸ’œ featuring skin brushing, cleaning, massage and tracing 🌟 wishing you peace and love, Emma 🌟 Sweet dreams Whispaws Animal Sanctuary in Serbia 🐢
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49 days 45:26
ASMR Dream Makeup SalonπŸ’—
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) Tonight there will be a party in your dream and you are here for getting ready!
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51 day 24:31
ASMR πŸ€— A Foot Roller, Bead Pillow, Cream and a Blanket for Bedtime πŸ€— Sleepy Tucking In, Soft Spoken
Welcome to a sleepy pampering before you fall asleep tonight 🌟 featuring a foot roller, bead pillow, cream, spray and all soft speaking πŸ’– Sweet dreams to you, Emma Whispaws Animal Sanctuary in
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54 days 28:12
ASMR Realistic Haircut Role Play, Hair Washing, Personal Attention, ASMR for Sleep
This ASMR haircut role play video includes many different triggers for sleep and tingles.
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75 days 30:15
Flipping Pages & Taking Notes πŸ“š ASMR πŸ“š Muttering & Unintelligible Whispers
The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: skl.sh/whispersredasmr09221 Welcome to flipping pages in books and taking down notes!
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ASMR Whisper, Positive Affirmations, Sleep Meditation For Relaxation
This relaxing meditation video includes soothing whispers and calming hand movements to help you relax before sleep.
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ASMR Relaxing Visual Triggers
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) Just simple relaxing visual triggers for your sleep! I hope you enjoy. Thank you for your support♥ : patreon.com/latteasmr
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79 days 36:57
Tapping & THE GREATEST Crinkles πŸ€— ASMR πŸ€— Wax Bag, Shower Cap, Pride Pineapple, Mask, Crinkle Brushes
Welcome to a little tapping and the greatest of all crinkle sounds πŸŽͺ πŸ€— Featuring the Soy Wax Flakes in a bag!
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82 days 28:48
A Walk in the Woods πŸŒ³πŸ‚ Old School ASMR
🧘🏻‍♀️ The first 500 people get a free trial + an exclusive 25% off!
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ASMR πŸͺ΄ Potting Little Plants πŸͺ΄ Soil, Crinkle Plastic, Pots, Leaves
Planting little plants in little pots πŸ€— ASMR sounds and calm for your bedtime πŸ€— Sweet dreams my friends πŸ’œ Uploaded with love, Emma Whispaws Animal Sanctuary in Serbia 🐢 whispaws.org 🌟
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ASMR Flight Attendant Sleep Care Service✈️
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) Welcome to mocha airlines! I hope you have a wonderful time with our relaxing services :D Thank you so much for watching!
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103 days 33:42
Facial Oils Prescription 🌟 ASMR Skin Clinic 🌟 Close Up, Typing, Pages, Lids & Pots
Welcome to your personalised facial oil prescription at the ASMR Skin Clinic.
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