7 days 5:23
The Cast of "Wednesday" Finds Out Which "The Addams Family" Characters They Really Are
To celebrate the new Netflix series “Wednesday,” we had the cast — Jenna Ortega, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Emma Myers, and Joy Sunday — take a quiz to find out which “The Addams Family”
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16 days 6:46
The "All American" Cast Reads Thirst Tweets
To celebrate All American returning for Season 5, we had the cast — Daniel Ezra, Samantha Logan, and Michael Evans Behling — read some of the filthiest Thirst Tweets we could find.
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15 days 5:11
Jason Momoa: The Puppy Interview
Aloha! Jason Momoa ("Aquaman", "Game of Thrones") stopped by to talk about his new Netflix movie "Slumberland", answer your fan questions, and of course, play with some pups!
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8 days 10:15
SEVENTEEN: The Puppy Interview
K-pop super group SEVENTEEN (DK, Dino, Mingyu, The8) joins BuzzFeed and makes us fall more and more in love with them in this season's latest Puppy Interview.
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25 days 18:57
We Ate Meals From Japan For A Week • Mom In Progress
Hannah makes the family dishes from Japan for an entire week. Which is your favorite? Presented by Zelle®. Check out Zellepay.com for more info.
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11 days 16:06
We Ate 1950's Recipes For A Week • Mom In Progress
Hannah asks her family to try recipes from the 1950s! Which one would you try? Presented by Zelle®. Check out Zellepay.com for more info.
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19 days 5:34
The "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are
The wait is over – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally here!
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18 days 23:20
We Transformed A Home As A Family On A Budget
Hannah and the family fly to the east coast to restore a fixer upper in 2-weeks! Presented by Zelle®. Check out Zellepay.com for more info.
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21 day 0:38
Real Bouncer Guesses Who Is 21 Part 1 #shorts
A Real Bouncer Guesses Who Is 21
134 383
28 days 12:35
The Dark Side of Mickey Mouse
The hidden history of Disney's mascot, and how their obsession to protect him has ruined the American copyright system.
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21 day 12:39
3 Horrifying Princess Diana Conspiracies Explained
With the Crown in full swing we take a look into some of the most sinister conspiracies surrounding Princess Diana.
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14 days 12:10
The Mandela Effect Finally Explained
Matt returns to get to the bottom of the Mandela Effect for once and for all! Credits: buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/165240 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network!
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6 days 6:41
The "Disenchanted" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are
To celebrate the return of Giselle, aka one of the best Disney princesses ever, we had the “Disenchanted” cast — Amy Adams, Maya Rudolph, Idina Menzel, Gabriella Baldacchino, Yvette Nicole Brown
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12 days 3:07
30 Questions In 3 Minutes With B.I
We gave B.I 3 minutes to answer 30 questions! Tune in to find out what his skincare routine is, what he thinks about aegyo, and so much more!
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22 days 8:53
Kumail Nanjiani: The Kitten Interview
To celebrate his new limited series “Welcome to Chippendales,” we had Kumail Nanjiani play with kittens while answering a bunch of questions, and it’s simply the most calming and adorable video on
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13 days 0:58
I Recreated Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle Recipe #shorts
Does Rachel's Thanksgiving trifle from #Friends truly taste like feet?
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26 days 6:16
Daniel Radcliffe and Evan Rachel Wood Take the Co-Star Test
To celebrate the release of “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” we had Daniel Radcliffe and Evan Rachel Wood test to see just how well they really know each other. So, what’s Daniel’s go-to karaoke song?
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10 days 8:04
Middle Schoolers Judge If Adults Are Cool
A panel of terrifying middle schoolers judges whether they think adults are cool or not. What would they say about you?
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4 days 13:36
Criminal Psychologist Explains The Sick Mind Of Ed Gein
Dr. Eric Hickey is a criminal psychologist known for working with some of the world’s most notorious serial killers.
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20 days 0:59
I Recreated House of the Dragon Hairstyles #shorts
These hairstyles are inspired by two characters from House of the Dragon, Queen Aemma Arryn and Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.
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9 days 0:20
"Period!" Samantha Logan, tell us how you really feel 😅 #allamerican #thirsttweets
#danielezra #samanthalogan #thirsttweets #allamerican #michaelevansbehling
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3 days 5:58
I Accidentally Became A Meme: First World Problems
When Silvia Bottini learned that a stock photo of her turned into one of the biggest memes on the internet, her life changed forever.
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16 days 0:38
3 Shocking Serial Killer Facts Part 2 #shorts
BuzzFeed Unsolved – 14 Nov 2022, 19:00
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9 days 0:49
Real Bouncer Guesses Who Is 21 pt. 2 #shorts
A Real Bouncer Guesses If Jenny Is 21
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28 days 7:44
Single Girl Picks Date Based On Looks Or Personality
Faith has been set up on a date with Daniel – Daniel, “looks”, can only say what Emmarose personality”, is telling them to say through their ear.
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2 days 1:00
How to calm your baby #shorts
Can these tricks be used in adults? Thanks to @daniellegaussibclc
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9 days 0:59
24 477
14 days 0:48
5-year-old daredevil #Shorts
Can @rowley.adventures nail this skateboard trick?
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7 days 0:55
filming Oscar-worthy scenes in one take #shorts
Oooh, Drex (@drexlee) makes that pizza look so good!
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