The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Timeline So Far

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Published on 14 Mar 2021, 15:00
After a long, storied career, Steve Rogers' journey as Captain America drew to a conclusion in Avengers: Endgame. Steve may not have been the strongest or the smartest Avenger, but what he was able to do better than anyone was galvanize Earth's Mightiest Heroes to put their myriad differences aside and fight as one.

Now that Cap's hanging up his shield, all eyes turn to the standard-bearers of his legacy: the heroes he inspired that will continue his mission - the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Yes, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson had a deeper connection to Cap than most, even though they really can't stand each other! So their Disney+ series, which features the return of one of the MCU's most devious villains, will put Falcon and Winter Soldier's ability to carry on Steve Rogers' legacy to the test, especially if one of them is going to pick up Cap's mantle permanently.