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22 Aug 2009
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Game Theory: Don’t o̸̦͑p̷̖͝Ë̵̟́n̶͖̚ T̶̲͂H̷̍é̵̡ d̴̡̡̛͍͉͖̻̩͈͛̃̉̒̾̓͂̚͜Ǫ̴̹͍̦̝̙̰͆͌́ǫ̴̨̨̢̦͕̙̻̰̗̳̑Ȓ̶͔̼͝
Stay Warm This Winter With TheoryWear ► Friends, today we’re taking a dive into the dark world of Doors.
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God Of War Explores The Multiverse #shorts
SUBSCRIBE To Never Miss a Game Theory ► God Of War Ragnarok has been HINTING at Kratos traveling the multiverse! From Ratchet And Clank to The Last Of Us to even MLB: The Show.
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8 days 15:59
Game Theory: Who Does Ash MARRY? (Pokemon)
Stay Warm This Winter With TheoryWear ► Friends, as fans of Pokemon know, the journeys of Ash and Pikachu will shortly be coming to an end.
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10 days 1:00
These 5 New Pokemon are FAKE! #shorts
SUBSCRIBE To Never Miss a Game Theory ► Pokemon has long been a world filled with creatures of ALL shapes, sizes, and kinds, but this reveal about some of the NEW Pokemon
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15 days 17:36
Game Theory: Among Us, Red Is SUS!
Special thanks to Rise Of Kingdoms for sponsoring this episode!
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17 days 0:57
Minecraft, The Nether Ice Age 🧊 #shorts
See How The Nether Used to Be FROZEN: Did you know that The Nether, the LAVA-FILLED biome from Minecraft once had an Ice Age?
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22 days 15:09
Game Theory: The Cursed Lore Of Choo Choo Charles
Stay Warm This Winter With TheoryWear ► Loyal Theorists, today we’re diving into Choo Choo Charles, one of the year's most popular indie horror games.
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23 days 1:00
How Afton Survived FNAF 6 🔥 #shorts
SUBSCRIBE To Never Miss a Game Theory ► Everyone remembers Henry's ICONIC speech at the end of FNAF 6, but a theory has arisen that speculates that Afton DIDN'T actually die
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26 days 12:36
Game Theory: The DEADLY Plants Of Genshin Impact
Special thanks to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this episode!
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Game Theory: You Are NOT The Hero Of Poppy Playtime (Project Playtime)
Stay Warm This Winter With TheoryWear ► Loyal Theorists, there is a HERO that has been lurking around Playtime Co. for a long time.
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36 days 15:35
Can Minecraft Bees ACTUALLY Fly? | The Science Of... Minecraft
Snuggle up With Holiday TheoryWear! ► Friends, today Austin is here to RUIN your favorite video games again and today that game is Minecraft!
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39 days 17:14
Game Theory: This is Not My Channel
Friends, today is a BIG day! I am so excited to finally be sharing this news with you all and letting you in on what Steph and I have been working on for so long!
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43 days 19:29
Game Theory: FNAF, The Origins Of EVIL
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Game Theory: Minecraft, The FROZEN Nether
Be As Warm As The Nether With NEW Holiday TheoryWear!
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Game Theory: You Are Being LIED To! (Bendy and The Dark Revival)
Stay Warm This Winter With TheoryWear ► Friends, after 5 years of silence the Bendy franchise has returned from the inky depths, with Bendy and The Dark Revival!
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59 days 16:13
This Hammer Would DESTROY The World! | The SCIENCE of... Overwatch 2
Snuggle up With Holiday TheoryWear! ► Loyal Theorists, could you imagine being so strong that you cause an EARTHQUAKE just by slamming the ground?
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64 days 22:46
Game Theory: FNAF, You're Going To Hate This (FNAF Security Breach)
Special thanks to Displate for sponsoring this episode! Enjoy big savings on your prints for a LIMITED TIME!
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Game Theory: The SECRET Family of Waluigi?! (Mario)
Snuggle up With New Holiday TheoryWear ► Theorists, if you’re anything like me I'm sure the many mysteries of the Mario universe keep you up at night.
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78 days 21:15
Game Theory: Don’t Feed The M̶̂͂̑̀͆̏͝U̴̠̿͒̂̏s̸̽̐̏͒͒̐̚Ḛ̴̜͙̠̘͌̽̎̕͝ (Alex Bale ARG)
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Game Theory: FNAF, Golden Freddy NEVER Existed!
Our NEW Holiday TheoryWear Makes The PERFECT Gift! ► Theorists, FNAF has gone and made its lore even more complicated. Well, sort of.
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92 days 14:35
Game Theory: The Secret Lore of Rainbow Friends SOLVED! (Roblox)
Special thanks to Rocket Learn for sponsoring this episode! Check out all Home Lore episodes here!
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Game Theory: This Place Is NOT Happy... (Happy Meat Farm ARG)
SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss a Game Theory! ► Theorists, we all know to NEVER eat the mystery meat right?
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101 day 16:10
Your Flying City is IMPOSSIBLE! | The SCIENCE of... Tower of Fantasy
Special thanks to Tower of Fantasy for sponsoring this episode! Download Tower of Fantasy NOW to get max 70 draws for FREE!! ► And it’s available on Steam now!
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Game Theory: Dream is my SON? (Dream Face Reveal)
SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss a Game Theory! ► Theorist, it FINALLY happened! The Dream face reveal we've all been waiting to see.
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112 days 14:43
Game Theory: Minecraft's FALSE Hero! (Minecraft Legends)
SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss a Game Theory! ► Theorists, it's been a while since we've had a brand new Minecraft game that wasn't just an update. Enter Minecraft Legends!
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118 days 1:01
Dream's Face Reveal to MatPat (Not Clickbait!) #Shorts
I saw @Dream...and told him to put the mask back on. #Dream #DreamFaceReveal #MatPat #GameTheory #dreamsmp
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120 days 18:42
Game Theory: Is Nintendo The New MARVEL? (Nintendo Cinematic Universe)
Special thanks to AFK Arena for sponsoring this episode! Download and play AFK Arena for free:
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126 days 16:13
Game Theory: The Scariest Game That Doesn't Exist! (Evertale)
SUBSCRIBE to NEVER miss a Game Theory! ► A while ago, I made a video about how mobile game ads LIE to us. Well, I think I've found a game that takes that to the EXTREME!
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133 days 17:16
Game Theory: The Unsolved Lore of The Sims (Bella Goth Mystery)
Check if you're registered to vote to win a chance to hang out in LA with ME! ► Can you believe I've never covered the Sims?
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141 day 18:24
Game Theory: FNAF, Afton's Last Stand! (Security Breach DLC)
SUBSCRIBE to NEVER Miss a Theory! ► I'm back with 3 more FNAF theories!
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