The Godzilla vs. Kong MonsterVerse: Every Major Titan

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Published on 7 Apr 2021, 16:00
The MonsterVerse is Legendary's shared universe which positions the secret government agency Monarch at the center of an eco-system of monsters, or "Titans'' as they call them, both new and classic. After Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the latest chapter in this saga, Godzilla vs. Kong, pits not only the two titular Titans against each other but some new monsters as well - including Mechagodzilla! So let's break down every major monster in the MonsterVerse, from Rodan to Mothra, and Skullcrawlers to Mother Longlegs!

Godzilla vs. Kong is the long-awaited showdown between the MonsterVerse's most high-profile players: Godzilla and King Kong. Of course, there can only be one alpha, but there are other Titans introduced throughout the series, such as MUTOs, Leafwings, Warbats, Hellhawks, as well as Scylla, Methuselah, Behemoth, Abbadon, Baphomet, Bunyip, Leviathan, Mokele-Mbembe, Sargon, Tiamat, and Typhoon. With Hollow Earth now open to our world, the stories of the MonsterVerse can only continue to grow.

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