Forza Horizon 5: Money Glitch - Get Infinite XP and Money While AFK (On Goliath Race)

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Published on 13 Nov 2021, 0:06
Using very specific difficulty options in Forza Horizon 5, you can farm free XP, money, car mastery points, and accolades using this incredibly easy exploit on the Goliath race while AFK! Here’s the exact steps on how to do it!

Using a few specific difficulty options, most notably the auto-steering, you can actually get your car to fully stay on the road and complete a race without even touching your control sticks. Check out the first to see exactly what settings you’ll need to make this happen!

You’re also going to want to pick a car with perfect handling, such as the F40 Competizione or the XS M Forza Edition. You’ll then want to head over to your Creative Hub and select a trending Eventlab blueprint that advertises the Goliath race with no AI drivatars. Finally, you’ll just use a rubber band to press down your right-trigger for constant acceleration.

Using this trick, you can seemingly make millions of dollars and earn an infinite amount of XP and car mastery points without even touching your controller. What’s better is, some of the blueprints are designed to do insane things like a 50 lap Goliath. Which means if you were willing to leave your system running overnight or while you’re gone during the day, your game will essentially play itself for hours, only for you to return and collect all the winnings!

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