The Girl On The Mountain - Official Trailer (2022) Daniel O'Reilly, Makenzie Sconce

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Published on 16 Mar 2022, 13:00
Check out the trailer for The Girl On The Mountain, the upcoming thriller movie which stars Daniel O'Reilly and Makenzie Sconce.

Haunted by family tragedy, reclusive backwoodsman Jack Ward (Daniel O'Reilly) is given a chance at redemption when a young girl (Makenzie Sconce) fleeing abuse and murder, comes into his life. Safety and security are short-lived as the girl's vengeful father and his posse converge on the two. Now Ward must summon his instincts as a paternal protector and face off against the sadistic intruders. The movie also stars D.T. Carney, Sarah Dorothy Little, Megan E. Barker, David Holt, Lorenzo Leonard, Ryan Kos, and Heather Sconce. The story is by Matt Sconce and Christopher Mejia.

The Girl On The Mountain, directed by Matt Sconce, will be available on demand and digital on March 8, 2022.

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