Bullet Train Review

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Published on 2 Aug 2022, 22:08
Bullet Train hits theaters on Aug. 5, 2022. Review by Matt Donato.

Bullet Train could be called Murder on the Smokin’ Aces Express with its heavy parallels to outrageously cartoonish 2000s action titles. Brad Pitt is endearing as a fists, knives, and blunt objects-only merc, while his supporting cast releases plenty of frustration that Pitt's chatty goofball counters with healing mantras. It's bloodier than expected, lands its punches at the right moments, and pleases with painful combos worth crowd-pleasing smiles. The craziness of David Leitch's train never goes off the rails nor reaches top speeds but still brings us along for a smooth and stable joyride that outshines its recent American action counterparts.

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