Marvel Snap Lets You Play Your Dream Superhero Scenario | D23 Expo 2022

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Published on 9 Sep 2022, 21:15
D23 is the place to be for all the best D23 game announcements. Now that you’ve seen the Disney and Marvel Games Stream, we are talking to an expert from Marvel Games to learn more about Marvel Snap! IGN host Akeem Lawanson is talking to Ben Brode, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Second Dinner, whose first game is Marvel Snap. 

Are Marvel Snap decks the continuation of 90s Marvel trading cards? What about MArvel Snap gameplay, is it like card games we may already be familiar with? It seems like it’s not too difficult to learn how to play Marvel Snap, whether or not you’re part of the Marvel Snap closed beta test. So, is there such a thing as a Marvel Snap best deck? Maybe not! Don’t worry, our Marvel Snap Guide Ben Brode is here to help you have your best time in Marvel Snap. Beta players don’t necessarily have all the advantages in Marvel Snap, how to play is something you can easily pick up, according to the experts. Who’s going to be in your Marvel Snap deck? It seems like no two Marvel Snap decks will be exactly the same!

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