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29 Dec 2006
07.12.22 1:59
Meet the 2022 Guiding Stars of our Local Guides Community
Google Maps helps millions of people make informed decisions every day. But it’s not without the contributions of our passionate Local Guides.
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09.11.22 0:46
Publish your 360 videos with Street View Studio
Street View Studio is an easier and faster way to share your street videos. SImply click "Upload" and select your 360 videos to upload them to Google Maps.
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02.02.22 2:43
How Google Maps reviews work
With millions of reviews posted every day from people around the world, we have around-the-clock support to keep the information on Google relevant and accurate.
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08.12.21 2:13
Meet the 2021 Guiding Stars of our Local Guides Community
In 2021, as the world continued to change, Local Guides found even more ways to come together to help their communities.
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07.10.21 2:11
Explore the spooky side of Google Maps
Kimbra K. is a Local Guide who shares reviews of haunted locations and ghost tours around the United States She's authored six books and grew up in a haunted house in Portland, Oregon.
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30.09.21 4:07
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16.09.21 2:24
Celebrating Dominican Heritage on Google Maps
Meet Maricha Soza, a Local Guide from the Dominican Republic who is passionate about discovering new ways of connecting people with culture.
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20.07.21 0:47
Tokyo Olympics-related Venues: Aerial & Satellite Timelapse
Watch how Olympics-related venues in Tokyo have evolved from 2014 to 2021 with Google Maps aerial and satellite imagery.
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20.07.21 3:06
Take a 3D Flyover Tour of Tokyo
Fly over Tokyo in 3D with Google Maps without leaving home. Explore iconic sights from a bird's-eye view, like Olympic Stadium and Tokyo Tower.
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21.06.21 1:17
Your location data in Google Maps
Your location data can make Google Maps more helpful to you.
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16.06.21 2:34
Commemorating Juneteenth: Preserving Black History on Google Maps
Meet April Hamm, a New Orleans based Local Guide. April is an activist, educator, and musician, who is dedicated to preserving Black history on Google Maps.
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07.06.21 0:28
Get back to what you love with Google Maps
If your area is getting back to normal, Google Maps can help you safely get back to what you love. Find out when places are busy, check their safety precautions, and more — right on your map.
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01.02.21 2:17
Installing the Google Sheets add-on
In this video you'll learn how to install the Google Sheets add-on for Plus Codes. For more information, see
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01.02.21 2:54
Google Sheets add on: Working with plus code addresses
Most addresses in the world are based on street names and numbers. In this video you'll learn how to work with plus code addresses in Google Sheets.
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01.02.21 2:01
Google Sheets add on: Creating plus codes
In this video you'll learn how to use the Google Sheets add-on for Plus Codes to convert between location coordinates and Plus Codes.
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01.02.21 2:18
View the plus code grid in Google Earth
See how you can use Google Earth to view the Plus Codes grid. For more information, see
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08.12.20 2:02
Meet the Guiding Stars of our Local Guides community
Many things changed in 2020, but one thing has remained the same: the passion and dedication of the Local Guides community.
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16.09.20 4:00
Using Plus Codes for societal integration
Google and Addressing the Unaddressed are using Plus Codes to provide addresses to residents of underserved urban communities in Kolkata, India.
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16.09.20 2:49
Using Plus Codes for healthcare programs
Plus Codes partnered with International Rescue Committee and Pfizer to help connect communities in Somalia to health care and family planning services.
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16.09.20 2:50
Using Plus Codes in rural Utah
Assigning plus codes to voters means they can be correctly and precisely located.
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16.09.20 1:57
Plus Codes: Addresses for Everyone
Plus Codes help ensure that everyone, everywhere can exist on a digital map, with digital addresses, no matter where they live.
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12.08.20 1:01
See the way with Live View in Google Maps
With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. Getting out of a subway? Quickly orient yourself and know which way to turn.
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21.05.20 0:59
Introducing Accessible Places on Google Maps
Rolling out on Google Maps: Quickly find out if a place is wheelchair accessible. Turn on the new Accessible Places feature to make accessibility information easier to find when you search.
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08.03.20 2:13
Meet the Local Guide Putting Women-Owned Businesses on the Map
This International Women's Day we’re spotlighting Priyanka, a Local Guide on Google Maps who's passionate about helping women in India add their businesses to Google Maps.
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06.02.20 0:17
Google Maps Icon Evolution
On Google Maps' 15th birthday, we'd like to share our updated look with a new icon that reflects the evolution we’ve made mapping the world.
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16.10.19 0:16
Book a table on Google Maps
Book a table at your favorite spot with a little help from Google Maps.
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16.10.19 0:16
Make a reservation with Google Maps
Make a reservation at your favorite spot with a little help from Google Maps.
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10.10.19 2:20
Detailed Voice Guidance Comes to Google Maps
In honor of World Sight Day, Google Maps is introducing detailed voice guidance built from the ground up by, and for, people with vision impairments.
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08.08.19 1:03
Explore Your World with Google Maps
With Google Maps, you can discover new experiences around the world or around the corner, connect with places you care about, and navigate your world. Learn more at
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06.08.19 3:47
Dance View: Hip hop dancers paint Paris’ Gare De Lyon in a new light
For the first time, Google Street View has collected 360 degree Street View imagery through the lens of dance.
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