Airport Luggage Challenge! 🏷 Planes, Trains, Cars ✈️ Play-Doh SQUISHED Videos 🌈

Published on 18 Mar 2023, 12:00
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Sarah Hyland hosts PLAY-DOH SQUISHED - the ultimate Play-Doh competition! Three teams of adults and kids go toe-to-toe in three SPORTY challenges, all designed to test their artistry, speed, and skill. It all leads to the final test where they'll create their own Play-Doh world. One team will become our champs, and the others will see their creations squished!

PLAY-DOH SQUISHED features three teams of fun-loving adults and kids going ‘doh-to-doh’ in the ultimate Holiday Competition. The groups compete in two physical challenges that culminate in a sculpting event where they must build immersive Winter Wonderlands out of Play-Doh! In the end, only one team will win a grand prize, while the other teams’ creations will get SQUISHED! Sarah Hyland hosts.